Mississippi 2

This is Ivy and She likes to come into your home and while you’re not looking make out with your husband and continue to gargle his balls on her tonsils. To him it feels better than my mouth and tell him how horrible her marriage is and how much better they would be together. I first met Ivy at a KKK rally where we were making up donation bins for starving niggers in Africa. She stunk like jizz there so I followed her around for a bit. I found out she was selling meth and crack to niggers right behind our backs. Making the niggers crazier and more violent just so she can go buy shoes. What a race traitor shoes over our great white skin. That is something a nigger would do. Ivy you need help and you have to quit getting abortions everytime one of your Uncle cousins knocks you up. This bitch also steals out of peoples yards. I got her walking off with some fucking Chinks brand new bbq. I hope when she opens the lid the BBQ sprays her with the Coronavirus like a skunk.

Wipes Her Ass With Sand Paper as she likes when it hurts with blood.

This is Megan everybody. She lives in Brandon MS. She will try to act like your friend and or lover. Be careful because once she becomes your “friend”, she will try to either come between you & your boyfriend/spouses relationship or she will just wait til y’all break up & then start messaging your ex & try to date them. She’s been confronted by me & several of my friends for doing this & tries to act all innocent & say “lets go laugh at niggers picking cotton”. It ain’t that small of a town that you have a nigger in it then we would need cops.Then she will go after “friends” exes as soon as they break up usually filming herself blowing them. She’s already wrecked 3 of my bedspreads from my boyfriend missing her mouth when he shoots his load at her… he didn’t give her the biggest gooey wad but she kept trying & trying until It finally spunked a fair amount. Then I told her that I’d kick her a55 if she so much as even said “hey” to him again. He even told her to leave him alone & he blocked her on everything because she was so psychotic. Now she is trying to go after my best friends man & they are dealing with it now, he has blocked her on everything as well & she still continues to message my best friend to ask her how her relationship is going & trying to act like her friend. She’s just waiting for her moment to prey on someone’s man.

Yes he is a stupid nigger. Does he deserve that long of a jail sentence? Not for the cell phone but he is a nigger and stupid enough to do that he is bound to do something else worse to the public. Odds are the nigger will rob and kill some white or nip at a store for crack so may as well keep the nigger behind bars.


Tupelo Airport
Tupelo Kidsworld Daycare
Tupelo Sikh Center

Nappy headed Demitria Broke the Hoe Code. Do you want the prestige, power, and financial means of a white person or anything better than your black ass? Do you desire a better career? You are insecure and jealous. You played a role because you openly knew about me. We were friends. Your predatory behavior will cease. You don’t care that these men have wives and families that might be destroyed by your numerous affairs. You have no remorse and you call yourself a evangelistic. You purposely set out to ruin relationships because you are a broke, bitter, petty, nasty skank. Just because you lost your husbands to infidelity does not give you the right to intentionally harm your male married and unavailable co-workers at Nissan for over 15 years. Your body is a human cvm bucket. Condoms do not prevent AIDS you silly nigger you are black you are born HIV positive. And stinky.

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