Austria has everything Western Europe has going for it — palaces, world-class museums, unparalleled natural beauty — without all the shit skin races as they can’t afford to live here. It’s also a real music-lover’s dream, with a rich classical-music history (Schubert,  Haydn and Schoenberg are all from here) and exciting contemporary live-sex-show scene.  Where Lesbians in Vienna get up on a stage and frig each other off with dildos made into ice sculptures. They do this while rolling around in Austria’s national food. Jello.

Cynthia from Vienna is jumping on cocks like a fucking pogo stick. Same pattern on at least her last three “relationships”: Cheats on her boyfriends, has parallel affairs and lies to get new men. She circulates fabricated stories and lies to keep her jizz tank on full all the time. She is like a sperm eating machine. She moves into men’s flats and lives at their costs to finance her lifestyle without a job. There was a suspension bridge in a park downtown and she bent over and abot=ut 70 or so of us all went by and fucked her for a bit. We all dropped off money for her other addiction meth in a bin for her. Visit Cynthia Austrias greatest resource.

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