Carlton Jamal Banks

Carlton was born on August 4, 1974, to Some nigger charcoal wench and that fat nigger tub of whale shit Uncle Phil. He has an older sister, Nappy Headed Hoe, a younger sister, Nigger Hooker, and a younger brother, niglet adopted from Ethiopia. Carlton attends Los Angeles Country Nigger Jail (for two years) until he transfers to San Quentin in 1996.

Carlton is a highly rational, rapist, and crackheaded individual; however, he can be annoying, stinky, and gay. He cross dresses preppy and is a Jew Lover who loves Michael Jackson and Tupac because they were both nigger faggots like himself. Carlton tends to have difficulty thinking about others and is often at odds with his useless nigger cousin, Will Smith, although he is Will’s best friend and brother figure and like the whole world wonders why the nigger Will Smith is famous.

Carlton has a tight asshole until his father comes home from work, almost always siding with Philip in dick swords. Will claims that he is sucking him off with too much teeth, but Carlton always points out that his Father is often right in the long run. On almost every occasion that presents itself, Carlton chooses to take the side or approach the outcome which will solely benefit homosexual niggers or improve his image, importance or ego. He behaves like a faggot sycophant because, in the best of times, he only cares about himself.

The Brew of Nigger Faggot Blend Too Nigger for An African Ghetto Slum HIV Clinic Washroom.

After Carltons days on the KKK Network hit show the Unfresh Nigger of Smel-Air. He got heavy into gay porn and meth. Often trashing hotel rooms with needles, blood, and faggot jizz from his farts. He was farting out mist of cum like a febreeze air freshener. Just fucking gross. Then Carlton got back with Will Smith and put aside the fact Will is a fuck head and went into the Coffee Business together. Hence the birth of Nigger Faggot Premium Blend Coffee. Will and Carlton seal their coffee in pouches. Freshly sealed and they diareah in the packages. Not too much just the right amount of quality nigger blend shit. A small shit squirt of love. Its the number one choice for niggers at rap shows and black live matters protests.

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