Fat Greasy Moldy Hookers Unlimited

Talk about a wild dildo swapping experience!

Launching a business is a small task unless you are a woman. No matter how big of an ass you think you have, it still takes a lot of  cocksucking and tons of loads. As the Top Toronto hooker of the owner and creator of Booty Building Box, I knew the meaning behind sucking the least amount of cock to get a crack rock or big mac. It’s not just a needle exchange program, it’s about tampons, dildos, washing dishes and lesbianism.

While creating what was supposed to be just a $5 gummer behind the Tim Hortons, because my clients were having amazing results reshaping and building their wieners, turned into so much more than just creamer refills for the Timmy’s Drive thru in the morning.

I was blowin away on some old homeless dude by the water fountain and the amount of people that were loving it, not only the sight, but the mission behind it.

What most people don’t know is the amount of jaw strength it takes to bring a stinky homeless wiener to orgasm. It doesn’t matter how good your vaseline is or how uniquely different you use it as a hot dog it can be, the reality is if you don’t have the crack/cocaine to use after spending all the effort it takes to create it, then it’s a very bumpy road to the STD clinic.

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