Brownland: Asians Wrecking White Shit Shark Tank

Why would I buy cleaning products from people from filth countries.

Co-founders of Brownland, Syed SandNigger and Sarah Paiji Yoo Chink Rice, came to the Shark Tank in hopes of ripping white people off of $270,000 (Our Country and way of life wasn’t enough for the paki and chink) in exchange for 2% of their company. They are currently selling their shitty product 100% direct to consumer but will be launching in a big box store at the beginning of next year. Their key value proposition is that they have an in-effective cleaning system that reduces the color of shit in their skin.

Although some of the Sharks worried about having to change market behavior to implement this product and they felt that the packaging and put-ups of the product should be modified, Sharks Lori and guest Shark, Daniel DicklessJew, still decided to make an offer of $270,000 in exchange for an 8% double-headed dildo equity share that could be split equally between them. Kevin felt horny that they could get a better deal and offered them $270,000 for 5% equity in the failing company. Sarah lately has been seen stealing dogs at the pet store for her nigger Chink Restaurant Chain.

The two Asians got the deal because the Jewish producers said it would be racist to not give to them. This show has the son of A Mexican Holohox survivor as a shark. What a mixture that is the biggest bean diareah lie fucking story I have ever heard. Wow Jews sure know who to guilt the stupid goyim. Don’t watch this lying filth show ever.

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