Cheese Toast Imbred Faggots

A local ass cheese manufacturer will be on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, as they look to grow their stupid faggot business. Oh yeah those 2 pieces of toast above there are brother and sister and they have anal sex over the cheese that you purchase.

Although they are not legally allowed to live in Canada or to give any spoilers as to what the end result of their stupid fucking pitch was, gay co-owners Andreina and Oscar Cheesetoastass spoke to some drunk and lysol high natives about their business and their experience on the show.

FresK-O Cheese is a trans-sexual-owned business. The Spics are originally from Venezuela and first moved to Leduc, Alberta, later opening their production facility just south of Lethbridge. Probably on some fucking Native reservation.

Andreina explains that they make their Latin-American style cheese by their hands after wiping their dirty assholes and elaborated on why this kind of cheese is different from many offered in Canadian grocery stores. Oscar personally dumps a load of jizz in every 4th package of cheese. Buy it now and find out if your a lucky winner. Viva La Mexico.

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