Survivor 39: Tommy Sheehan Male Adult Film Star

Thomas “Tommy” Sheehan is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Island of the Faggots.

A strong social player, Tommy was able to navigate himself throughout the game by playing an old wrinkly ball sack slapping school kids social game. Despite being targeted as a childmolesting homosexual on several occasions and never possessing child porn as an advantage, nor winning a single challenge, Tommy’s faggot ginger sneak ways, and ability to rape young farm animals and play in the middle kept him from being voted out. After failing to win the Final Erection Challenge, he convinced Noura Salman to suck his balls and take him to the Final Tribal Council. His strong social relationships with young boys and ability to control his erections around Dean’s ass cheeks in the game awarded him the title of Sole Faggot in a 8-2-0 vote over Dean Kowalski and Noura Yest Infection Skank

Tommy has appeared in such Hardcore Ass Fuck Male films as: Gape Dean’s Loose Asshole 1&2, Faggot Fucking Gingers, Ass Ram My Paki Balls In Your Mouth, and Dog Fucker” Pump Old Yeller’s Ass.

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