Cookie Dough In Dogs Assholes

A Raleigh-based business is about to go into the TransSexual Freak Faggot Tank. 43 year old virgins and butt pirates Justin Miller and Tom Simon, co-founders of all natural homo-baked dog treats Zookies Cookies will be featured on the GayprideNetwork at 10 p.m. Sunday, March 3.

“It was one of those pound my asshole in the shower harder than ever experiences where there’s no way to have a bad experience with it, and we went into the showers with that mentality,” Miller said. “We both came from dildo companies in the past pitching cocks pitching woodies knowing you’re going to get way more no’s than yes’s, so we said, ‘It doesn’t matter what happens; it is truly an experience of a lifetime, so let’s have fun with it!'” And swallow a few gallons of cum while at it.

The two came in their mouths and then came up with the idea a year ago and sold it in pop up markets, gay bars, and local stores in Raleigh which is in the faggot state of Carolina. Miller says he felt it would be perfect for Shark Tank from the beginning due to Shark Tank being such a show for fucking losers.

“Last year, our whole objective was how do we get on there? How do we make that happen? And we wound up making that happen which is super exciting!” The inventors of Zookies are now living with HIV in New Zealand in Elton John’s villa.

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3 thoughts on “Cookie Dough In Dogs Assholes

  1. Hate speech. Stop it! This is not true and I’m sure everyone can see through your problem. Any man who criticizes gay men is only trying to hide the fear of their own sexuality.


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