Blake Takes Shits in Boxes and Mails the Contents

It was a heartfelt goodbye for big time cock sucker Blake Horstmann on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise after he learned that Kristina Schulman has herpes and didn’t want to pursue a relationship with him. He then moved into a crack house in Will Smith’s backyard and fucked some elderly niggers in wheelcharis.

The Gay Male Film Star didn’t exactly have the easiest time while dating men on the beach this summer, and he took to his Justin Bieber fan page after his Season 6 departure to detail his rocky experience. He spent most of the summer mailing his stinky poo logs from his ass to politicians like Hillary Clinton and Obama while high on crack he stole from niggers at McDonalds.

“To say paradise was rough on my asshole was an understatement. I have no one to blame but myself for the anal leakage now. It’s not easy putting yourself in a diaper and all of your mistakes out there for the world to see,” he wrote along a photo of his dirreah on the beach. The mistakes he’s referring to, are, of course, the way he treated some of the women on the show — specifically that fucking skank Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who Blake claims is as usless as a cum rag under his grandfathers bed.

Lots of people do not realize that Blake was born with a rare disorder called Biocolonorcapstiocity. Which basically means he was born with 2 assholes. That is twice the gay and twice the amount of faggot jizz pumped into his rectum cavities. Kanye West is the only other American to be known to have the disorder.

After giving his first STD to that gorillaTayshia at the first rose ceremony, Blake tells slutbag Caelynn and Monkey woman Tayshia he is there for Hannah G as her muff doesn’t stink as bad as theirs. She is not reciprocating his affection. Hannah G. has been with that faggot fairy pricess Dylan since day 1 of filming and it appears she has zero interest in pursuing Blakes warty ballsack.

Blake is reportedly regretful of his rapist actions and has shed faggot jizz more than once on this season. This drama has tarnished his reputation that fans had loved so much. Will he be able to redeem himself? Will Blake leave Paradise alone or will one of the women give him another chance? Odds are Dylan will murder Blake after an argument over meth.

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere in August on the FaggotTrannyChannel.

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