Noura Makes Soup From Her Yeast Infections

Noura Salman is a fucking dyke and stinks like pig shit with whale cum on it. She is 36 years old and a struggling actress and she can’t afford soap in real life. SO life on survivor is much easier for her.

Noura likes to work out which means power vibrate her huge mudflaps with her dildo and eat healthy meals like Yeast Infection based soups. She picks the cauliflower like warts off her vagina for vegetables. Noura likes the flavor.

Nora claims to hate dirty people and egotistical people so she must fell so gross living in her own ugly skin. Noura describes herself as aggresive when she rams items up her stinky slimey anal chute. Noura looks up most to her mother and would one day like to have sex with her mother in the park while drunk. She claims she has never done drugs or smoked a cigarette funny she was high as fuck on crack a week before survivor began.

Noura also says she loves being on Survivor because it makes her laugh when she sees Niggers fail in life. That is why she finds Africa so funny.

If Noura wins Survivor she is going to promote Yeast Infection Based Soups more and spend the rest on completing her goal of finally becoming a “complete woman” and get the penis she was born with cut off.

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