Ohio 2

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If you know USA Special Olympian Cody Littlepenisgeekgoof then you Know Findlay Faggots and you know he’s a soap dropper in the shower. He’s sick in the head and plays star trek games. He thinks he’s the shit because he’s a ginger retard and sells fake drugs to 12 year old girls so he has a little money but he really is just sh1tty and his d1ck is sooooooooooooooooooooooo little. He got caught up passing around his poo stained underwear to at least 5 different middle school girls and I heard one of them was pregnant. Now he is always with this gay guy so all the Special Olympics must have gotten to him and he’s fruity now. I am still nice to Cody I give him some change the odd time when I see him picking through the trash outside his low income nigger apartment that the government pays for.

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