Nova Scotia 2

Abby from Nova Scotia Kentville to be exact likes to smoke the crack. Crack causes a short-lived, intense high that makes Abby fuck like a wild animal and suck dick like a hoover vaccuum on full blast plugged into a nuclear reactor generator but is immediately followed by the bitch begging for more and going to any cock no matter whose to obtain the addictive drug. She uses it often eats lots of pussy and sleeps in anyones bed that has it. Crack Heads Vaginas can experience greatly increased lip suction rate, muscle spasms and convulsions. The drug can make women feel pretty, self aware and hostile and like ramming any object you can find and ram it in Abby’s orfices if you have crack/cocaine—even when they aren’t high.

This bitch Mindy took it up the ass in the bush like the patriotic trooper she is. This whore drinks moonshine every night she is constantly going in the woods. She plays her “games” at the barn she sits by herself tweaking her clitoris with her Stone Cold Steve Austin lighter and let’s the men come to her, she plays hard to get then she gives head instantly after a few drinks, pool, pot, meth, oxycotton, sour soothers, pictures of faggots, liquor food, a big gooey load, if you will give it to her she will take it. She claims to be depressed and looking for love but that’s not true at all she just wants to fuck hairy ballsacks and drink she works as a hooker everyday so she’s probably always hung over. She goes back and forth between barn to barn she dances like a slut having a sperm overdose seizure and she talks to anyone with her jizz breath that approaches her she’s slept with married 70 year old men, taken men , if they are attractive she will fuck them! She never brings it home though because she claims she cares for her “great grandmothers sex change operation” yeah what a load of cum, This whore needs her grandfathers Cumshot in the eye. She also is extremely dumb to leave her phone SD card with all her slutty selfies accessible to anyone with a fast hand.

Cindy McChunkie and her used farm equipment buck shitskin nigger have introduced Yaromouth to Black Culture HIV.  This is Cindy from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia This fat lard ass tub of a slob is a home wrecking slore. Works at but really that’s her excuse to sit home all day on POF, eating bacon grease, and pick up multiple men hoping one of them will father her 14 kids. She tend to fuck niggers for their food stamps. Niggers get more welfare than real Canadians, due to their mental disability of being a nigger. Meanwhile leaving her kids alone to drink drain cleaner, so she can go meet these men. She will suck your lollipop for a nickle and give you a tickle with genital w**ts lard fingers.Shes giving the whole community drd’s from Yarmouth to Dartmouth. Good job Cindy here is a cheese burger,

I met Nicole when I was at the Potlotek Health Centre. She was there picking up her medicine for her massive flaming itchy burning herpes that she told me she had all over her ass and vag. She smelt like cat piss and horse shit. It was kind of hot while I dreamt of the herpes with that aroma. This girl is a lazy cock hungry mutt, she lays in bed all day with her rainbow brite vibrator, MILKING her illness itches to the maxi pad, she doesn’t feed her kids, she doesn’t clean there clothes or the house. The entire house REAKS of cat and human piss, There are Cum loads all over the place. Last time I was there I jizzed all over the lampshade and coffee table. It was still a lob of goo hanging there the next week I went there. She has shit the bed on multiple occasions(Usually too drunk and high the night before to remember to wear her diaper to bed), this is a 32 year old woman, she will put on a huge show for the first 3-4 weeks making it seem like she is a perfect woman, but it all changes when u get comfortable, shes a true yeasty smelling dirt bag. Often times she goes 5 days with no shower same clothes. That is so many loads of jizz in her and all over her thats sick.

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