Texas 2

Despite him being married Ms Lacey still attempts to contact him via FB, and/or app phone number. If blocked she will make a new profile. She works at the Sheridan Auto Sales and Car Wash and still has a picture of my husband on her desk. Carlos the mechanic who works in the garage and sells me meth told me she masterbates to the picture. He said that she grabs the pens out of her drawers in her desk and attacks her vagina violently with them. Sometimes for hours on end. No wonder that place is getting ready to go out of business. Lacey also fucks all the greasy poor Mexican drug mules that come in their. They have their hands all over her more than they do with the lettuce those beaners picks. Fuck you Lacey stay away from my husband you period juice drinking skank bitch.

Safety and a better future for REAL AMERICANS. I like it a lot better. Remember these shit hole countries send the worst to America. Not the best. The US basically gets the losers from the loser countries. They can’t make it in their shit land so white man pays for them to live free somewhere else and continue their trend and expand it down their lineage.


This girl right here Connie Garza of Amarillo, Texas is such a fucking slut. She knew my husband was married and still decided go ahead and but his hairy warty testicles in her mouth and talk him into leaving his loser family and she gloats about how she got him to leave his wife for her blow job skills. Anyways a few months later she’s now engaged to a woman and knocked up by the arab turban guy that works at 7-11 while she still sleeps with my ex-husband and his dad. Happy our daughter wants to become a man. She or he won’t grow up to be a cheap piece of ass  that everyone has had… Oh yeah, did I mention that she’s now 13 months pregnant and there’s a good chance it’s my great uncle Earl’s. Yeah, the divorce isn’t finalized yet. He’s just a guilty as this Home Wrecker but she GLOATED about the fact and now I feel bad for her soon be wife. Hopefully she sees this and knows his fiance is still banging my ex and that baby may not be his. Hope your karma comes back Connie. Connie Pisses in Ice cube trays

This crazy beotch here is the Ladonia local escort Ashley Johnston, Ashley Mitchell, Ashley McDaniel all the same woman. Convicted felon with numerous other charges including fraud and forgery. Looks for men she can build a relationship with, married or not and milks everything she can from them(sucking it dry like her fathers asshole when she sticks a straw up his ass to suck her grandfathers jizz out of there). There was one time she rammed a cactus up her moldy vagina so she could split a bowl of oatmeal with her cross dressing grandmother Dorthy DeLorenzo. Often times claiming to be an interior designer and a graduate from Houston Art Institute of which none are true, she has never attended a college in Houston, she actually can’t even read. Very vindictive, extremely deceitful and sadly she uses her kids as a tool and sob story. Her kids hate her and once they are old enough will probably make an example of her like they did to the neighbors dog fido last summer.

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