Black Friday

Black Friday or Nigger Friday is an African American Holiday in the United States where Africans can celebrate their culture of stealing and looting. Rape occurs often on black friday too because bitches needed to recognize.

On Nigger Friday Niggers can enjoy the luxury and things that a white person can with out paying. Or following the white mans laws which most of the apes don’t do anyway. That nigger pictured there with the gun and the bike was having issues with his white foster family. Those motherfuckers are going to pay for slavery now.

Many niggers smile and take any item that will fit in their paws. This buck here on the right has no idea that that is a TV in the box. How it works, How to hook it up, Or what white employees soon to be stolen car he will put it in when he leaves the place. All he knows is his government paid funding low income housing project, will soon have a pimping crib. He will be getting all the bitches. Them hoes love the dough this nigger be balling.

With all the niggers shopping on Nigger Friday has any shop owner ever thought to sell soap? Not that they would buy it. Or even have a car wash at the entrance to hose the niggers down for their yearly shower before they enter. Have a big sewage drain to get all the yeast out of the Aunt Jemima muffs that enter.

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