British Columbia 2

The Niggers have invaded British Columbia.

So this girl Hayley last name known as Brown but Lee on fb is all the way from Nova Scotia which her 3 kids live. She just moved up to quesnel not too long ago and started working at sharks club. This sloot takes loads and loads and loads without using protection not to mention the amount of baby fetuses she’s dropped in the toilet lmfao she goes around telling men including a few girls men from sharks that she has her tubes tide. She goes from guy to guy to guy spreading not only her clap but also the hiv she got from the random towns she jumps to and from. Hands down the most easy girl anyone can possibly get but I’d suggest wearing a condom with this stink fish! She also floozys herself claiming to be a dime piece when the minute you take those rank cum crusted panties off you smell a cemetery of baby gravy. Come on in to sharks and test your luck with everyone’s favorite drd, clap, cum dumpster I’m sure she will do anything including snort any drug or smoke it. Also get the steak bites I just fucked her in the ass this skank is really fertile.

I seen 2 big drunk natives with buffalo like heads tag teaming an elk in the Cariboo Shavings trailers. Just giving it to the poor elk in the ass. High fiving each other and passing around a bottle of liquid drano to drink. Talking about how awesome the next pow wow is going to be and whose jean jacket is more rez.

This is cass she just moved here from god knows where to start over and cheat on her boyfriends not only does she still have one in her home town she know has a couple new prospects in pg. she goes out to fires and pretends to be everyone’s friends when she talk behind their backs. Especially her so called bestie Bree Legare, everyone she gets the chance she tells eveyone what a sloppy slore she really is. Trying to make your self look better by bashing others and a boyfriend snatcher.

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