Ontario 2

So much gas huffing goes on at that youth centre. So much. Fun times.

With this being so close to Detroit I am shocked that those watermelons are still there.


This chick will do anyone she has no morals or standards this is what she does apparently. Meet miss phylicia mckay! She’s a slut, she will fck any Arab, black guy, white guy anything with a dick! She always talks about her problems with her boyfriend like who cares?! She is one dirty bitch you would probably catch something from her just sitting beside her, she had a conversation with my man few days ago, like hop off and get your own bitch… This girl is suppose to be a lady and mother and she just loves to party and be out all the time. Bitch stay home with your damn kids dirt ball. I know get very well I grew up in harrow, we went to school together she is just a HUGE slut girls lock your boyfriends up!! So after you get drunk enough in Harrow and grab some watermelon and corn. Take a few seconds and plow this bicycle. Take a photo, share with your friends, write a book. Anything to remember Phylicia every time it burns when you pee. But there is even more on her. Someone else mentioned her here. Meet phylcia McKay! This Arab slut will fuck anything that walks, her pussy is infested!! God damn this bitch loves to spread her crabs and her f’in genital w**ts. She is a home wrecker, she ruined my 9 year marriage just to fuck my man once and not talk to him again. She likes to hop from one dick to another while her man is at home raising her kids. She is suppose to be a lady, a mother who should have some class but she is nothing but DIRT!! I grew up with her in harrow, she’s one of harrows dirtiest. Shit ladies watch your men! She’s bound to give them something they can’t wash off even just by sitting by her. Nasty huh.. She has three somes all the time with numerous people. Ladies lock your men up( even your kids, she likes them young)  this is no joke if you don’t want to catch anything stay far away, I feel sorry for anyone whos tangled with her!!! She gets the honor of queen of Harrow AINEC.

Chatham-Kent sounds like it should be in England. Sounds like a gay English name.

This girl calls herself a mother meanwhile she to busy jumping from d1ck to d1ck will steal anyone’s man and fuk them and turn psycho if the guy doesn’t want her nasty ass anymore sitting here thinking she’s the best thing and blah blah blah but she’s nasty and has had more drd then I can count on any finger I’d say her family should be ashamed of her but her family is nothing but nasty a55 wagon burners so there isn’t no difference always gotta get her butch mother against anyone who doesn’t wanna be with her and then try’s to get her scared little b1tch of a dad after people meanwhile it’s okay for her dad to be touching her daughter and same with her baby daddy to real good mother u are Danica grow up stop spreading your legs and be a mother that them kids need like stop being chathams biggest fat h0e.

They let a nigger family move in down there. Just one nigger family and they had to repair the whole fucking town.

these girls go around and mess up peoples lives they will sleep with your fiance,husband or boyfriend they simply dont care they are both enjoying causing a family a large amount of pain they will sleep with anyone with a pulse including the guys they both currently share. these girls slept with my friends boyfriend of 7 years they kept calling him and texting him on the iphone my friend paid for and she told them to stop even told the one girl lauren to send her man home to pack his shit never happened till the coward showed up with mommy and daddy (30 years old still needs mommy and daddy)as well as his brother and his brothers son to help him clean my friend out took everything including her cat took her phone ran up a large bill she still pays for to this day their both sluts who care for no one but them selves lauren ayotte (bigger girl) has 2 kids from another man mark that she keeps sleeping with as well as her current fling she had liver disease, kidney failure and *** ya dont sleep with that she still lives at home with her mom while she uses her boyfriend for his car and apartment and money to support her cocaine addiction really sad home childrens aid saves her kids she can barly walk because shes so heavy and awaiting bypass surgery

I GUESS SHE NEVER HURD OF A GYM lmfao the second girl (red tampon hair) amanada legree MAJOR alcoholic thinks shes a country girl yet shes at the market in ottawa every weekend drinking till she cant stand fcking every guy she meets and shes such a dirt bag she got her boyfriend trashed then started texting another man then when her boyfriend confronts her she dosnt care and tells him to go home over an hour away while drunk she hands him the keys and slams the door her boyfriend ended up crashing his car that night while on speaker phone with my friend how horrific for her to have to listen to and had to find him and let him stay with her my point is these sluts DO NOT CARE FOR ANYONE ELSE LIFE BUT THEIR OWN they think their shit dont stink but it really does i hope no one gets dragged into their lives they will screw what u have and not even care well i hope these women both know the man their both dating is also fcking other girls.  hope these girls are proud of them selves and the help of their friend jamie

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