Jew Crew

Most hate crimes against Jews are fake and made up or committed by niggers. Jews probably get attacked by niggers at the same rate as any other person on the planet yet they whine when they do. Jewish people make easy targets for niggers as Jews have a false sense that everyone likes them. Which of course is not true and if you have a pair of eyes and a brain cell know it is farther from that.

I spent many years blaming all my problems on others also. Then one day I realized that I was the problem. Sort of like they tell boozers and drug addicts. Admittance is the first step then you can solve the problem.

As scummy as Jews are. Jews are the only reason her monkey ass isn’t sitting in a hut made of cow shit flinging poo at other niggers with a bone in her nose.

They probably think they can make money some how by claiming these attacks. Even if someone feels that way I highly doubt they are going to waste their time to say it to you.

Something is up the Jews are trying to divert what is really going on. These are all over twitter like overnight.

Probably my table that I left behind the dumpster cheap kikes. They are jews none are brave they probably all hid under the tables and the guy fell into one. ZZ Top Looking Faggots

Maybe he meant just those specific Jews?

The Shovel Faggot Family of Fags

The shovel has a measure reader on it pops so you can see how deep you can ram that shovel up your ass when you fuck yourself.

Fifty Three-year-old entrepreneur, inventor, and patent-holder of The Anus Hole Measuring Shovel, Maddypoo came to the Shark Tank in hopes of beating the shit out of a Shark with a shovel who is willing to invest $40,000 in exchange for 15% of his shitty high school company. Madmax created this product when he was caught ramming baseball bats up his asshole in the 4th grade and tasked with coming up with a product idea that would solve a common problem.

Tired of helping his diaper wearing stinky bitch of a mother, Allahandro, measure out her tampons to ensure they were properly spaced and planted at the right depth to avoid vaginal crust, The Measuring Shovel was born. The Measuring Shovel is properly labeled with both cock length and depth measurements to allow shit crusted assholes to use one tool to ensure their rectums are adequately spaced and planted to promote proper oragsm growth.

Because the Faggot family has not begun to stop imbreeding yet, they are looking for a ass lover partner that will help guide them on the proper way to move forward with their family of faggots. The Sharks have varying ass licking opinions on if they should masterbate all over the people in the audience and their product or manufacture it. They explain that it really depends on the cousin fucking of the family and how involved they are with including their pets in ass fucking fun games and looking to be intimate with the product.

The Sharks fucking hate the product and they think the family are child molesting Michael Jackson fans. They are fucking rude and very gay. The presentation alone was enough to make Kevin and Lori the dirty slutrag go together and blow their fucking heads off. They bummed $40,000 for a 30% equity share (15% per Shark).

After digging a hole the little girl in the picture grabbed her dads gun blew the families heads off and burried them and is now a stripper in Thailand working at Pepper Pete’s Bar and Grill.

Brownland: Asians Wrecking White Shit Shark Tank

Why would I buy cleaning products from people from filth countries.

Co-founders of Brownland, Syed SandNigger and Sarah Paiji Yoo Chink Rice, came to the Shark Tank in hopes of ripping white people off of $270,000 (Our Country and way of life wasn’t enough for the paki and chink) in exchange for 2% of their company. They are currently selling their shitty product 100% direct to consumer but will be launching in a big box store at the beginning of next year. Their key value proposition is that they have an in-effective cleaning system that reduces the color of shit in their skin.

Although some of the Sharks worried about having to change market behavior to implement this product and they felt that the packaging and put-ups of the product should be modified, Sharks Lori and guest Shark, Daniel DicklessJew, still decided to make an offer of $270,000 in exchange for an 8% double-headed dildo equity share that could be split equally between them. Kevin felt horny that they could get a better deal and offered them $270,000 for 5% equity in the failing company. Sarah lately has been seen stealing dogs at the pet store for her nigger Chink Restaurant Chain.

The two Asians got the deal because the Jewish producers said it would be racist to not give to them. This show has the son of A Mexican Holohox survivor as a shark. What a mixture that is the biggest bean diareah lie fucking story I have ever heard. Wow Jews sure know who to guilt the stupid goyim. Don’t watch this lying filth show ever.

C Spray and the Chinks

Elliot (total pound me in the ass flamer), is a HomoBA ’20 candidate, will appear on the Anti-Trans-Gendered television show Dragons’ Den on November 14 at 9 p.m. (Eastern Time). He’ll be pitching his product, Chinkmakegay-Spray, a slanteyed-eliminating multi-use spray for swimmers and public masterbators. He pitched before the Dragons in May in Toronto and has just learned the segment was selected for the show because he gave Layne a good blowjob in the closet.  

“I used to watch Dragons’ Den religiously as my dad played with my balls and never dreamed I would one day stick my penis in my dads rectum hole,” he said. “The experience has been extremely encouraging for me as an cocksucking male escort, and has helped to inspire me to start another no condoms allowed bareback hardcore raw fuck fest gay bath house in my parent’s basement.”

Since his pitch, Elliot said Chinkaway-Spray sales are increasing like his boner at a Justin Bieber concert and he has been building gay relationships with men and transgendered freaks that can’t decide which bathroom to use. He is currently working on filing the warts off on his balls that he got from Manjit on his show apperance.

Cheese Toast Imbred Faggots

A local ass cheese manufacturer will be on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, as they look to grow their stupid faggot business. Oh yeah those 2 pieces of toast above there are brother and sister and they have anal sex over the cheese that you purchase.

Although they are not legally allowed to live in Canada or to give any spoilers as to what the end result of their stupid fucking pitch was, gay co-owners Andreina and Oscar Cheesetoastass spoke to some drunk and lysol high natives about their business and their experience on the show.

FresK-O Cheese is a trans-sexual-owned business. The Spics are originally from Venezuela and first moved to Leduc, Alberta, later opening their production facility just south of Lethbridge. Probably on some fucking Native reservation.

Andreina explains that they make their Latin-American style cheese by their hands after wiping their dirty assholes and elaborated on why this kind of cheese is different from many offered in Canadian grocery stores. Oscar personally dumps a load of jizz in every 4th package of cheese. Buy it now and find out if your a lucky winner. Viva La Mexico.

The Sports Head Diaper

The young white girl there is a kidnapped girl the pakis got addicted to drugs and child sex trafficked her I would assume. That is their culture and Justin Trudeau says we must accept and adapt to it.

Thawrih (Revoluntionary in Arabic) is an Ottawa start-up(Funded by Trudeau in some way or form) that makes hand-made activewear for Muslims (including hijabs) and Sikhs (including turbans). They are also working on a suicide bombing vest.

Thawrih’s co-founders, University of Ottawa Alumni and Trudeau lover Sarah and Sami , will be spewing anti Jew hate in front of the Dragons on CBC’s Dragon’s Den on Thursday October 17th, 2019 at 9:00pm EST. Tune in to learn more about this innovative start-up and why these towel heads think the holocaust never happened.

If you are in Ottawa, the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Science in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Hub will be hosting a casual viewing party for the episode, don’t bother registering as no one goes to that shit anyway. The schools that were meant for whites are now zoos.

Thawrih employs newcomers to Canada because real Canadians and Canadian companies know foreigners are useless pieces of shit. According to Thawrih’s website, “We want to do our part by being anti transgender and faggot: all of our headgear is hand-made in Ottawa, Canada by Syrian newcomers who collect large money cheques from Trudeau. Every purchase kicks a white Canadian family out of their home and will give a newcomer shit they didn’t deserve and will ruin in a matter of weeks. This initiative enables newcomers to fuck up the labor force, destroy their families, and also aids with the integration process of their families into mosques”

Jamie Foxx Is One Foul Gross Ugly Smelling of Cat Urine Shit Out Twice On A Paper Plate Nigger

Foxx brushes his teeth with preperation H ass cream to ooze the shit he spews out of his nigger bootlipped mouth.

Eric Marlon Bishop (shitout or the nigger egg hatched on December 13, 1967),  known professionally as Jamie Foxx, is an American nigger, rapist, cotton picker, purse snatcher, and producer. Foxx became widely known for his portrayal of niggers in the 2004 biographical film Ultra John Deere Tractor 4000, for which he won the Watermelon for most white women raped and infected with nigger HIV That same year, he was nominated for the noose which would of made him like a nigger outside the white house for his role in the crime film My Black Ass Wants Chicken Motherfucker. Since spring 2017, Foxx has served as the host and executive producer of the Nigger Gay Bath House where he butt fucks other nigger actors for watermelons.

Foxx is also a Nigger-winning thief, which like all niggers just adds mother fucker and racist remarks to songs white people made. Then get some greedy hook nosed jew kike producer to sell it for him and make him nigger rich. Even though Fox has not an iota of skill much like every other nigger in the US in the entertainment industry. He somehow manages (like the other niggers) to not appear to be like niggers in their natural surroundings.

Fpxx played Ray Charles in a movie as they had 2 things in common. They were both niggers and both could not read. Foxx also is a host of game show where losers go on and guess musical songs.

Foxx is currently being held in a L.A County Jail for drinking one of Anderson Cooper’s numerous vials of jizz while breaking into the sperm bank with Mr. T.

Dragons Den

Dragons Den is a show with a Paki bitch who inherited all her wealth on a silver platter and did nothing to achieve it and an old Jew and a wrinkly blonde hooker named Michelle who whine and pretend that they know what they are talking about. Some other fags are on there too. Some old fat bitch talks alot on there her name is Arlene Dick IN Son. You know the show is fake as women pretend to know stuff about business.

Each typical episode features approximately eight bitches, along with a brief synopsis of a further three bitches which usually were rejected by the Dragons. While this is going on Michelle is usually itching her vagina from all the crusty cum in there from the night before. But the Paki chick Manjit usually goes down on her to clean it up eventually as its better than the curry she is use to.

Each pitch begins with the entrepreneur specifying the amount they are seeking as an investment and the percentage of their business which they are offering in exchange. The entrepreneurs generally describe their shitty business and provide fake financial details in respect of their costs, sales, and profit margins. Pitches range from those at the conceptual stage to full-fledged fudgepacking long-term orgies. The Dragons ask the entrepreneur questions in order to determine which person is the biggest homo on the show. Each Dragon ultimately will either suck cock or will declare that they are “gay”, meaning they are not interested in women. Once all five Dragons dicks are “in”,their assholes the pitch ends.

Manjit also eats crushed up Ketchup Potato chips out of her cats litter box after she is out all night on the streets snorting coke. If a chip crumb is big enough she dips it in fresh cat liquid poop. While her arranged marriage turban wearing husband sits behind her jerking off to midget porn.

Mr Sunshine’s wife’s stinky vagina has mad flow. So he invested in Tampax for his multi Billion Maxi Pad Empire.

Lysol Lipstick

Next to welfare checks on the rez from whitey and bingo what are 2 things native women can not live with out.

The Elk Point Coop groceteria has decided to take two household products containing high levels of alcohol off its shelves.

The two products, Lysol disinfectant and Listerine mouthwash, have been linked to high incidents of shoplifting and are suspected of being misused by chugs. Those greasy fucking Injuns take the product off the shelves and back to the rez while they fuck their sisters.

Store manager Rodger said he won’t be reordering the two products once stock has been depleted. In fact if that doesn’t happen fast enough, he plans to ship remaining supplies to the St. Paul store to get the natives fucked up there. He is sick and tired of looking at worthless Natives coming into his store. He says “We all ready stole their land. Can’t these fucking chugs get the hint and fuck off?”.

“It’s a continual thing we have to watch on the shelves, when these fucking chugs come in and their welfare funds are low” said Buffalo Bill Cody. “One day I walked into the washroom to jerk off and to wash my hands and there was an empty Listerine box and a bottle of watered-down Listerine. It’s becoming too much of a problem.” “Especially when I need to get fucked up off the stores supply”.

Frog Lake Band Councilor George Big Fucking Indian said he is 100 per cent behind the importation of a lysol prodution plant in Elk Point. Since none of the fucking natives have ever or will ever work. It is believed to import millions of Somalians to work in the production of Lysol.

“For the good of our community and as a councilor, I would like to encourage all other businesses to do the same, and give the natives free lysol. You owe them WHITE MAN” he said “These delicious and entertaining lysol substances and products are growing our heritage in our people and our community.”

Rodger told the local RCMP officers, to suck his cock. And to those who described the solvent abuse situation in Elk Point as getting out of control as fucking pussies.

Const. Doug Huskins, who has been a gaylord with the Elk Point detachment for six years, has noticed a recent increase in solvent users. Most of them natives and steal his own personal stash.

“Most of our intoxicated people in the last six months to a year have been drinking my personal substances. This is your mill of the afternoon type drunk sister fucking chug. An awful lot are using Listerine and Lysol. I think there is a definite abuse, even sexual when some individuals ram the bottles in others assholes when they are passed out” said Huskins.

Both Listerine and Lysol contain about 60 per cent alcohol which is fucking awesome, according to St. Paul AADAC director Sharon . She said there’s a growing concern about Lysol, because there are so many other good things in it. Sharon loves drinking lysol and we she sucks off old Native men at the herpes clinic in Red Deer.

“Alcohol does the same thing for people (in all forms) but it’s a stronger concentration (in Lysol and Listerine) so they get drunk quicker,” said Sharon. When the lysol comes out at the Pow Wow’s she tends to notice she gets raped quicker.

“It’s pretty deadly stuff,” he says, “but I still go through with it. It’s cheaper and easier to get.

“Alcohol is not bad but after a Listerine or Lysol party you can’t sleep, your whole body shakes. You hallucinate more than with alcohol. After you go through that experience you say you’ll never drink it again but when it comes around you do.”

“You go to town to the liquor store and it doesn’t open till 11:00 (in the morning) so you substitute with Listerine. I don’t use it much, just as a substitute before I get to town.”

Elaine Became A Fucking Rug Muncher After Dating Chocolate Rain

Elaine Stott from Survivor does more than eat pussy and mud bog. Years prior to her rise of Survivor fame she had a love affair with Mega SuperStar singer Tay Zonda. Tay use to prod Elaine’s bum cheeks with a pitchfork by a campfire while they were drunk. It was kinky. The biggest problem is that Elaine’s Lesbo Dyke Friends hated fucking niggers. Like they hated the fact that Tay was a stinky nigger more than a man. So thats when all the really funny true nigger jokes and honest hatred started going in Tay’s direction. The worst part about it. Elaine not only allowed her butch dyke friends to call Tay a usless shitskin nigger. She also encouraged it. Some times she would throw chicken bones or watermelon rinds at Tay. Other times she just basked in her white privilige. But in the end it was still hate for the poor uneducated black man. His odor so foul it peeled paint off of walls.

Jesse Jackson has had numerous one on one talks about Elaine’s racism. So much so and he is so sick of the racism he vows that the nigger community will riot and stop supporting female golf to harm the lesbians main source of income. Serena and Venus Williams have also shook their head at their lesbian friend Elaine’s racist ways. It was rumored that Venus will no longer share her tampons with Elaine on weekends now. Shits getting real. I read about that on Instagram.

Tay is trying out to be on Survivor 41 Bongo Island; Land of the Useless niggers with all the niggers ever on survivor. They will all be wearing chains and singing Tupac songs.

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