Theo Huxtable

Theo Huxtable is a fucking stupid nigger otherwise known as Ted Cosby son of the rapist Bill on Tv and in real life. Theo grew up in an orphanage for niggers. When Theo grew up he had no friends because he was a nigger. He also stunk and couldn’t read, due to the fact that he was a nigger also.

Theo has been known over the years for his cool hip style of dress which is hard to keep up. He found that balancing his addiction to crack/cocaine and male prostitutes is still a viable lifestyle to have and stay dressed like a cool cat. Theo is not allowed with in 500 yards of places with children in them. But like the crafty smart United Nigger College Fund Grad he is he figured out a loop hole in the system. He only plays with himself at schools with blind and deaf kids.

Look at Theo rocking that hip yellow sweater with that nigger on it. Its like Theo is on a shirt. The yellow screams his love for old man wrinkle balls in his mouth.

Bix nood for the watermelon mofo. Word.

Theo seen here on the left in deep thought and emotional about his lows in life. In his new tell all book Theo goes into vivid detail of what it is like to suck homeless men off in the subway for money for watermelon. An addiction that almost cost him his life. We all are so proud that Theo can talk about this so bravely and open. It is true reminder to us all that All niggers are faggot cocksuckers. And everything they encounter in life is a fucking joke.

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