Argentina 4

According to CIA Factbook, 97 percent of the country’s population is white, which makes Argentina one of the whitest countries on the planet in terms of the share of white residents in the total population. Other non-white groups in Argentina include Amerindian and mestizo. So in a quick recap Argentina fucking hates niggers.

Paola Anahi Vargas She met a man online and didnt know he was married. Once she found out he was married, she continued her fucking him. The wife messaged her and told her she was 6 months pregnant and to please stop sending messages to her husband. She denied any inappropriate involvement with the husband. That was a lie! She sends videos of her masturbating with shit from her kids toy box and pictures of her vagina to this married man constantly! She sends him love letters, all the while the husband now has a baby at home with his wife. I guess she cant get her own man and has to borrow other people’s husbands. She is going to school at Universidad Nacional de La Rioja in Argentina to be a doctor. What a great ethical code she has going for her! Disgusting person knowing someone is married with a pregnant wife and continuing to ‘sext’ the man. Her twitter handle is @anhhitta where she writes secret messages to her married lover and his wife. Pure evil.

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