West Virginia

Angie Makes The Best Period Flavored Smoothies
West Virginia Misty Mountain Angie Period Juice Smoothies

Angie was my best friend and made the best smoothies out of her period juice. It use to suck when she was pregnant thats why we had big parties on the day she got abortions. PERIOD FLAVORED SMOOTHIES!!!!!. Anytime I introduced her to anyone, I would follow it with “ when I drink her period juice smoothies I am so fucking jealous of her tampons.” Come to find out, her and my husband we’re grabbing hookers from overseas banging the shit out of them with dildos filming it and making money. My friend wants to marry my husband now. She constantly complained about how mean and unthoughtful her husband was and I was always there for her to have a smoothie and dyke out on a picnic. Heck, she even had her own bed at my house to fuck strange old dudes she met online for when she wanted to get away. She is not to be trusted and is a pathetic human being and I want her period smoothie recipe. She is going on Shark Tank with her idea and I bet if she blows that Jew Cuban she will get a deal.

Little Brittni Bluefield here age like 23 is a man stealing hoochie she took Apu from several girls and has harassed us taunted us did mean things she actually stabbed his other ex, hospitalized her in FL all because Brittini wanted to help the Sihks defeat the niggers in the race war. She has done very bad, bad, bad things to her pet cat and goes behind her back sends me money, buys me clothes, and also got me a ring and orders flowers offline and mails them. He doesn’t want to be with her. He has told her time and time again but she doesn’t listen. She will ruin your family, ruin your kids, start crap with all your ex’s because she’s ugly and has plastic surgery, and no great guy wants her. She has caused my family and friends a great deal of suffering and pain. Please be aware. Stay away from her

This is Tiaira Dirmacio or on some accounts known as Tiaira Desiree. This girl is a white trash whore from West Virginia. She’s a college drop out living with her meth addicted prostitute mom and her 1 year old son. She thinks she’s so much better than everyone else and thinks every girl out there is intimated by her amazing kick ass Kung Fu style she learned from giving Chuck Norris Blow Jobs. She sits on her lazy ass all day while her so called bf Corey works and spoils her and their child. But Tiaira sucks me off the second Corey goes out the door and I crawl out of the closet. I jizz on Corey’s tooth brush in the bathroom too for fun and Tiaira and I laugh as she sucks her pussy off my cock. She starts drama with other girl calling them whores when she’s one too and calls them fat when she ain’t even fit herself due to all the chubby I pump in her with cum. She also sends nudes to men over kik and snapchat she fucks them when she is not blowing me or laughing about how small Corey’s dick is. And one happen to be my uncles friend. He’s in his 40s, is married and has a 6 year old daughter! I honestly feel bad for her son and future child on the way the next one is probably mine. We are blaming Corey so he better pay as I am bailing once I notice a buldge.

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Victoria F. From The Bachelor

Burger King Murders

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