Jesse Allen: Animal Lover

Jesse Allen is a 27 year old Florida man who loved animals. He also had a fucking peach fuzz stash of pubes above his lip. Nor did he own a comb.

But Jesse had a job at a local restaurant. One day while leaving work he left his cell phone there. Someone who worked there found his phone and found a video of Jesse fucking a dog. Like we mean inserting his dick into that poor animals asshole. After watching it for lord knows how long? They handed it over to police who watched it for lord knows how long. It is rumored the police jerked off and had gay sex while watching the video but again that can not be confirmed.

After the police saw the video they arrested Jesse and he was held on only a $2,000 bail? Fuck that’s a tad low. Ocala Florida must be okay with it after all lots of white people have sex with niggers it is sort of the same kind of cross species sex.

Jesse had not only himself fucking a dog on there but numerous others fucking dogs.

Shit like this is just too fucked up for words

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