NBA Nothing But Apes

I fucking hate nigger ball. I always thought it would of been funny if the balls were green like watermelons. I wish they had boards so the niggers couldn’t run out of bounds. Body Checking would be awesome also.

I am also waiting for the day some nigger brings a “piece” to a game and caps a rival player. Due to dissing him or his hood in the near future. Remember you read that here first. Total bonus points if the nigger does it at the All Star game during Black History Month. They will re name Martin Luther King Blvd. after him. He is repping black nigger culture at its finest.

Get that racist white kid he is white thats racist. Representing the inner chimp. His Daddy pays your salary and your lawyer fees thats also racist dog.
Thats more like it. Hit that fucking nigger like he stole the last fucking drumstick.

Half the fucking boot lips in the Dindu League can’t tie their fucking shoes.

When most negros grab a basketball it gives them a feel of accomplishment. Much like raping a white woman.
His own racist white team made took him down. The evil white man will never give the nigger a break. And look at that evil white ref. Racist hardwood floor made by a racist white man to make the nigger slip. When The Nigger Slipped all it thought was “OWWW My Drumstick Paw”.

The other thing that Jessie Jackson himself says that he loves about the NBA is the free chicken at games. He also says it helps young nigger bitch sow mothers save their niglets. You see the niglet is not just a welfare ticket but a $4.99 basketball at Kmart investment. The basketball will not cure the nigger of gang violence, disease, or chimp behavior. But it will get it more money for crack and kools.

The other good thing about the NBA is since Abraham Lincoln made it illegal to have niggers pick cotton. The NBA is the only legal way for a white man to own a nigger.

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