Anna Garcia: Crime Watch Daily. Ugly Plastic Face Skank

Anna Garcia on set of a porno movie where she is about to eat out a dogs asshole with a fork and ketchup.

Anyone ever watch this show Crime Watch Daily. Its fucking annoying as hell as the hosts are all vulture rats. Like Jews on money and Niggers on Chicken these parasites roam around making shit up lying wherever they go.

Anna isn’t the only flooz fuck wad of jizz on that show either. There is that blonde bitch Michelle that looks like an old crusty cum rag stored under grandpas bed. And there is that homo sexual guy with the slicked back hair. The weasel looking faggot I hope that gets his head blown off when he goes on some ones lawn. He keeps saying “I just want to ask you a question”.

So back to this bitch Plastic Anna Garcia. She was born in Mexico in the 1940’s to cocaine drug lords. She moved to the US but failed in the porn industry due to her constant flaring itchy herpes outbreaks. She ended up working the street corners in Harlem as a Penny Hooker when she had a long term lesbian relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. They called their vaginas soulmates and often rammed vegetables in them. But there was a shit load of drug use and physical abuse going on in that dildo muff diving twat lick fest than met the eye.

Anna leaving the Betty Ford Center after a massive Crack addiction and violent abusive lesbo dildo love affair with Ellen DeGeneres..

One day when Anna and Ellen were staying in a homeless shelter in Newark. Anna blew a paki 7-11 worker for a slurpee. Ellen got mad and beat Anna to a pulp with a hammer. Then rammed a livving squirell up Annas asshole. Blood everywhere.

Anna now poops in a bag.

Anna is getting ready to frame this nigger for a crime.

It is well known from London to Milan that Anna Garcia hates niggers with a passion. So much so she shits in her chicken feed. She is often known for accusing random niggers of crimes they havent done. Her odds are good as the nigger usually has committed another crime or is preparing to as she nabs it.

Anna at the Trump towers after she ate Melanias pussy for a story of apple sauce in Vermont robberies.

It is also well known that Anna Garcia LOVES and I mean LOVES Donald Trump. She has wet dreams of him all the time. Trump gave her a trophy for deporting the most spics. It was actually one of Trumps sons Barons Soccer trophies and that just got pasted on it.

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5 thoughts on “Anna Garcia: Crime Watch Daily. Ugly Plastic Face Skank

  1. You have a lot of names that you call other people. So here’s one to you…. You generic, FOWL dog, and wet live chicken smelling EDOMITE trailer trash white knock knees b’nigger. You SAVAGES eat more chicken than black people any day!! Let the truth be told… You HEATHENS eat chitterlings and barbeque and watermelon far way more than us. So get your head out of your butt…I do hope the coronavirus visit you sooner than you think, you slimy low life! Low down RH NEGATIVE BASTARD OF AN IMPOSTERS OF THIS WORLD!!!

  2. Hi Matt..
    Your little rant was hilarious. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Actually how I happened upon your blog was that I googled “does anyone else think Anna Garcia is annoying”?
    I spend the majority of my time sitting or laying on my bed with my TV on the Escape channel (true crime shows) and sometimes there’s 5 episodes of Crime Watch in a row and the parts when she’s either chasing a car or relentlessly pounding on someone’s door the fucking dumb ass questions or remarks from her are so fucking ridiculous no one would answer. She ruins the show called I hate her and I’m just in shock that more people don’t agree and that they don’t fire her.


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