Teachers Calling Students What They Are. Niggers.

We all fucking know that this will fizzle out of the news soon once it is exposed to be a hoax. Even if the teachers were going to do it they would be smart enough to hide it from some stupid niggers trying to find it purposely or accidentally.

Look at them apes all decked out in their threads from Good Will. Or some white persons closet when they weren’t home. https://atlantablackstar.com/2019/11/15/black-alabama-student-uncovers-racist-chat-group-among-teachers-leaving-parents-outraged-all-these-folks-racist/
Preyun Be an Edumukated Niggah. Gnome Sayings. Don’t be dissing him or he go all Trayvon on yo ass. As he is sitting chewing gum in his 2015 facebook photo. He may be able to chew it while moving now we do not know. He comes from a race that is useless its not his fault. His name is Preyun and he has pubes on his head. https://www.dothanfirst.com/news/top-stories/ashford-parents-students-furious-at-racial-slur-messages-in-teacher-group-chat/

So basically what we can conclude. Is the teachers in a reasonable manner told the niggers to stop acting like niggers. The niggers caused a major chimpout and made lies or planted them because it is never the niggers fault. These people can not adapt to society can we not fucking see that?

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