Dean’s Moustache is Actually Clay’s Rectum Hair Beard.

Its true Dean takes that Nigger Clay into his van and does gay things. it is rumored that Clay smokes Crack and wears an Oakland Raiders Uniform when they do this.

Some Jew Banker wants payment for earning from Dean’s sexy moustache. The hair the jew claims came from the asshole lining of negro contestant Clay. SO the earnings directed by the moustache be paid to Clay or his child support niglet payments.

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton all left Nigger functions to got get money from the moustache which needs to be pumped back into the future of African Americans people say. Even Bill Clinton addressed the nation on this blatent racism and hatred towards niggers and stealing their heritage and inventions.

CLAY”S ANGER AT THE WHITE MAN OVER THE MUSTACHE EARNINGS IS ASTRONOMICAL HATE. Clay and many other proffesional scientists say the moustache earnings are only part of the reason why Niggers are failure in the world. Its the biggest slap in the face to niggers since they realized god created them to look and smell like shit.

It is rumored that due to the moustache incident all blacks have claimed to be heading back to Africa to flourish with no white man trickery any more. What will we do with no niggers? Unemployed cops? Cleaner streets? No disease? Free Health Care, Education? World Peace? No we dont want those. We need them to live like shit like they do. what will we ever do FUCKING ASS MOUSTACHES

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