Manitoba is the second shittiest province in all of Canada the winner in that category goes to Saskatchewan. Although quite similar the fact that Manitoba has Winnipeg makes it a little more normal. But Winnipeg is a shithole as well. Avoid this province at all costs. There is no money here. So many drunk natives you literally can get fucking shit faced from the fumes in the north end of Winnipeg.

Reservation Taxi.

I use to work in the Lays factory. There was this African guy there that jerked off into the chip bags as they went out. He was cool.

Watch your men ladies, this one is an all out floozy and wants all your men, dads AND sons loads blown all over her. She’s been known to get around the city and outside the city especially Fisher Branch, Manitoba where she is known to have anal sex with a cop there. She works at Arby’s and has messed some people’s sandwiches up on purpose, she’s may seem sweet and genuine but it’s all a crock, no wonder she losses friends left and right. She is obviously too cool for them. If you’re a guy and want the best blow job in your life, she’s your girl. She’ll sleep with your man and act like it she didn’t know he was taken. I can’t believe I used to be her friend I am so jealous that her snatch smells better than mine. I want to have lesbian scissor sex with her. Rita McNeil

This is Jenn Ross. She has a temper she chased me while she was buck naked through the streets of Ste. Rose with a frying pan when she was high on crack. It was nuts. While she was smoking lots of crack these native gang members were video filming her fucking her with tools from the shed since natives have such small dicks they needed the tools for penetration. I laughed then Jen the bitch ran after me. She even dropped her crack pipe. Racist and a drunk, more then likely a crack/meth head since her daughter got taken away! Extremely happy the father got her, you got exactly what you deserved! Show her Facebook some love and let her know what you think of her saying facts about Native American Indians. Immigrants I tell you, give your head a shake to see how this slut is so right about the wrongs of natives and immigrants.

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