Alberta 2

Well yeah your probably fucking wasted out of your tree.

Some drunk native guy goes in here and sniffs the old lady bedpans.

Vermilion did have NBA superstar Kobe Bryant visit there once. He had this to say about his wonderful experience there “I went in to the bathroom in the macs store and shit all over the fucking place. It was massive explosion diareah. All over the walls and the white sink. My liquid poo was brown and red and yellow. It was fucking awesome”Kobe Bryant

Right on at least you know there is a cheap call in Bassano if you dare venture there.  Lyndsey , has cheated for years on her husband, been sloring around with numerous men while married. She has a gaping hole and smells like a tuna sandwich long past expiry date. She parties and does drugs couture her need and love of c0ck before the needs of her children. She has drds old slore. Warning she has fuked the whole fire department in Bassano and then now moved to Brooks and is doing it again! People in Bassano and are have priorities and care about the community. Including the fire department. Brooks has lots of niggers there so AIDS is so bad it is virtually air born so wear a rubber. It stinks like shit around Bassano and people blame the cows or Lyndsey’s vagina. But it really is all the African niggers working at the meat packing plant there. Fuckers stink.

This faggot above is a local Cowley resident. His fat bitch girl kicked him out of the trailer in his pj pants. But he is a wigger from the rough streets of Cowley going to make it big in the rap game.

You fuck that cow

 RayLynn Jonisiko, this girl right here has got to be the most stupidest b*tch around, making fun of natives when clearly she dated natives throughout out her life & right now she’s dating one who happens to be my cousin hahahah she is a greasy little b*tch who likes to get it in, when she was with my bro colin she was seeing my cousin on the side & colin didn’t know nothing about it. They were together still but not like together just apart a bit & she was still seeing him on the side. She took him to a hockey game & then after that, that’s when they broke up. But this girl is a dirty little b*tch & who looks like she smokes crack ahah she actually looks 30 then what she really is 23 hah or 24.. Actually heard she does blow with mike all the time  Should check out where they live in elk point, it gots to be the ugliest house out there & there skinny little pitbull hahahah thats a laugh you call that a pitbull b*tch? Haha my gosh haha well b*tch you been around the fishing lake loop & everyone knows you for you are a dirty ugly little b*tch that loves natives but will talk mad sh*t behind there backs. You’re a fake little sk*nk with big boobs hah thats why guys only like you cause you have big boobs hah your ugly & you look 30 to 40 haha try some cream. B*TCH can’t fight worth sh*t either haha ;).

stay away from Kath Linna aka Linda RiceCoronvirus Crotch. This Cambodian floozy lives in Chestermere but gets guys to pick her to drive her into the city. She gives guys pics of herself in exchange for her gambling addiction. She also sleeps with you if the money is right. She married to get her citizenship here and is ruthless. Chase her out if approached. She aims for the rich. You may find her near a casino near you. Dirty gold digging floozy needs go back home to Cambodia. This one sounds so dirty she probably has SARS coming out of her rice box. Good thing about them is their English is the shits so it is easy to lie and give them fake names.

Have A Nigger Easter Mother Fucker

If a pink bunny or anything in dressed up attacks you, odds are there is a fucking nigger under the costume (probably stolen).

This Jigaboo here is Antoine. He claims he was the man in the bunny suit that came to help a woman getting robbed. He beez all over da intanet.

But like all negro bucks Antoine had arrest warrants. He was wanted out of New Jersey for stealing cars. He has also robbed people at gun point and has been wanted in several states.

This boot lipped bunny also once spit on a 7-11 employee. He also has been known to harass people on social media.

Theo Huxtable

Theo Huxtable is a fucking stupid nigger otherwise known as Ted Cosby son of the rapist Bill on Tv and in real life. Theo grew up in an orphanage for niggers. When Theo grew up he had no friends because he was a nigger. He also stunk and couldn’t read, due to the fact that he was a nigger also.

Theo has been known over the years for his cool hip style of dress which is hard to keep up. He found that balancing his addiction to crack/cocaine and male prostitutes is still a viable lifestyle to have and stay dressed like a cool cat. Theo is not allowed with in 500 yards of places with children in them. But like the crafty smart United Nigger College Fund Grad he is he figured out a loop hole in the system. He only plays with himself at schools with blind and deaf kids.

Look at Theo rocking that hip yellow sweater with that nigger on it. Its like Theo is on a shirt. The yellow screams his love for old man wrinkle balls in his mouth.

Bix nood for the watermelon mofo. Word.

Theo seen here on the left in deep thought and emotional about his lows in life. In his new tell all book Theo goes into vivid detail of what it is like to suck homeless men off in the subway for money for watermelon. An addiction that almost cost him his life. We all are so proud that Theo can talk about this so bravely and open. It is true reminder to us all that All niggers are faggot cocksuckers. And everything they encounter in life is a fucking joke.

Australia 4

This is Steeply she is a slant eyed rice picking immigrant skank who lives in Perth. My boyfriend I guess fucked her and since then I have contracted the following diseases from his cock that was in this dog eating chink gook. Herpes, Gonnoreah, SARS, CoronaVirus,EBOLA, The BUBONIC PLAGUE. She is just plain fucking gross and her along with all her other rice picking people belong in their own fucking countries. Get your own little dick fem boys off their nintendos and go do shit with them. Ugggggh She looks like a little fucking boy. Stay away from this skank when in Perth and wear a SARS mask near here and the rest of their people. They are dirty. They eat rats, bats, dogs, cats, and snakes for fucks sakes.

Tori lives in Canberra. Her family is of Pakistani Origin. She goes with her family to Pakistan and crosses the border into India. While in India she gets fucked by Elephants for National Geographic. She also fucks kangaroos when in Australia. She is the only Paki that Australians can stand because she gives free blowjobs to anyone and wasn’t there when the fires started. The fires were started by immigrants. Do You Hate Fires? Immigrants Cause Fires. Only You can Prevent Immigrants. Think about it common math. She sleeps with married men then take selfies of their gooey loads dripping down her mouth then she spits their jizz on all the elephant shit she stores in her basement suite apartment .

Yass, Australia

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Argentina 4

According to CIA Factbook, 97 percent of the country’s population is white, which makes Argentina one of the whitest countries on the planet in terms of the share of white residents in the total population. Other non-white groups in Argentina include Amerindian and mestizo. So in a quick recap Argentina fucking hates niggers.

Paola Anahi Vargas She met a man online and didnt know he was married. Once she found out he was married, she continued her fucking him. The wife messaged her and told her she was 6 months pregnant and to please stop sending messages to her husband. She denied any inappropriate involvement with the husband. That was a lie! She sends videos of her masturbating with shit from her kids toy box and pictures of her vagina to this married man constantly! She sends him love letters, all the while the husband now has a baby at home with his wife. I guess she cant get her own man and has to borrow other people’s husbands. She is going to school at Universidad Nacional de La Rioja in Argentina to be a doctor. What a great ethical code she has going for her! Disgusting person knowing someone is married with a pregnant wife and continuing to ‘sext’ the man. Her twitter handle is @anhhitta where she writes secret messages to her married lover and his wife. Pure evil.

Indonesia 3

I fucking hate this. They call this guy that Attacked the man in Bali “Australian” when he is clearly a shitskin paki. You can take the paki and reside it in any place on the planet. It still derseves to be called a Paki. It is an insult to the white real Australians the ones who built the country to call shitskins that. They AREN’T AUSTRALIAN.

Oh man. He is going to that big chicken bucket in the sky.

Look at that fucking scaffolding. Who would get on it?

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Survivor 39: Karishma Paki Pad Thief

Karishma is the wife of Apu a cab driver in India who beats the curry out of her nightly when she comes home from 7-11. But in her native India Karishma got caught stealing boxes of Maxi Pads. She would bring her dad, brothers, uncles, male cousins ect into the store. Then she would hide multiple boxes of maxi pads and tampons in their turbans.

It is unknown how she got onto the cast of survivor. She did work previously in Bollywood and did hard core porn for a bunch of pakis in Delhi.

The main concern is her theft of items in India. Odds are she will be publically stoned . Which is part of their heritage which we must respect. Karishma farts blood also from a disease she got from ramming barbwire up her asshole.

Karishma’s Vagina flows like the Gagnes and the juice is as dirty as the paki bath water.

Shout out to her boss at 7-11

Survivor 39: Jeff Probst Plate Shitter

Doesn;t want baboon lips on his wiener.

Just when you thought the host of survivor just couldn’t get any lower. Or sicker for that matter Mr. Probst a man with no heart, soul, or penis goes and does something this foul. It is rumored that most of the contestants both male and female had to service Jeff Probst member orally. Some of them anally. Missy the Boot Lipped braided one who hails from San Diego Zoo said” Dat Probst muda fukks be trippin, he bix noods me tamponz watermelonz now imz saying homies”. Which made its way over to the Other Jigaboo on the show Lauren Beck some blonde weaved cinnamon roll head from the ghetto. Lauren had to say this “Bix muh nood homez. Ooga bannana welfarez homiez. Obama muh prezudent. Trump be racist all whites rayxist bixx nood gnome sayings”. All the male negros on the show got taken off after CBS called in arrest warrants.

Bix Nood Mutha Fukka Bix Nood

The reason the she boons got so uptight is that Probst wouldn’t let them give him a blow job. The thought of one of the boons touching him made his skin crawl. So instead he decided to take a huge steamy shit on a plate. And make them eat it. With their choice of Ketchup or Mustard. But not both. Missy loved the smell of Probst’s Poop. She claimed it reminded her of the many nights she spent behind the McDonalds dumpster as a teenaper with Bill Cosby.

Lauren then Bix Nooded Probst poop too. Afterwards Probst pissed on them and told them to get the fuck off the show. They then went up in some trees to look for bananas. THE END.

Bix Nooded Probst Poop Eater. Shameful.

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