France 2

France has so many beautiful picturesque villages. Just waiting for a filthy pack of wild niggers and or Muslims to destroy.

The French are wimps and known for giving up. A country of Quitters. The men are all cowards and sound like homosexuals. The women will have sex with anyone and or thing anywhere. This is an ideal place for Islam to have its Western Capital in Paris.

The French aren’t only known for BEING very gay. They like to dress VERY gay also.
Some fucking Muslim will torch that racist white monument in the future. It is holding him back.
For some of the Muslim Immigrants this works as a scarecrow. But in the long run it will be deemed offensive and will have to be removed.

That Paki in France “Le Paki” Probably baths in that fucking sewer water. Or bottles it up to take home to his wife and fucking shit skin offspring. While collecting a welfare check along with his city worker pay check. He probably sends the city plans and maps back to ISIS.

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