Finland 2

The average Finnish male is about 6’4 240 with a beard and wears their hair in a pony tail or a man bun. Fins are often considered the quite fags of europe due to their constant cyber sex with the French and the fact everyone in Finland wears fag bags around their waist so they can store the electronics they steal from Swedish vendors. Since they are white no one thinks they are thieves because unlike black people there are some honest and good white ones. All the time even in summer which is only 2 weeks long.

We all know why this article below was wrote. Finland is the richest and best country in Europe. DUE SOLELY to the fact it is white mainly. Jews need to eliminate their rivals with niggers and Islam to kill them off for their global supremacy.

What destroys a country even faster than massive bombs? Niggers and Islam.

The above article does note that Finland is almost 100% white hence why it does so well. But it points out that Finland use to be the poorest white country in Europe. So there was no white privilege. Just myths to make whites feel guilty so the Jews nigger puppets will cause chaos.
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