Italy 2

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Saying the truth about race in Italy has had a long history that started with Benito Mussolini alliance with Hitler and speaking the true facts about Jews. Today, it is still pretty much alive and present even in places where one would expect to find zero tolerance for racist outbursts. In 2013, Cécile Kyenge, first nigger in Italian government, experience series of verbal and physical attacks – bananas were thrown at her, she was compared to an orangutan, and one councilor said she should be raped. But after the Italians convinced KFC to open up shop in Italy and feed some boat monkeys the nigger forgot all about the incident.

Almost two and half years ago we hired Tatiana the cock hog bitch use to work in our small pizzeria just outside of Milan. She’s friendly and had a paki foul odored turban headed boyfriend already. We treated her as one of our family and my kids know her also, to the point my son jerks off while she showers to her. Me and my kids went to vacation and left my husband to manage our small business called Seaman Pizza in the meantime. Not even one minute after I left the house with the kids this bitch had my husbands wiener in her mouth. Right in the fucking Pizzareia he pumped her on the dough and jizzed in the tomato sauce. We mainly have nigger customers at the pizzareia so for that I don’t care but it hurts that they did it behind my back when I left. I would of gladly fucked the both of them with or with out a strap on. Watch out for this bitch she wont share cock.

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