There is a church in Fieldon, Illinois they house battered and drug addicted homeless women. Total great place to pick up horny women. I mean their husbands didn’t beat their assess for no reason did they? feast your eyes on Jes Reopell. She claims disability – that she has anxietyand constant diareah and cannot work – but yet she’s out at every Fieldon Fudgepacking event, bar and concert wearing her pink diaper proudly. She uses her EBT to buy lobster, crack, used tampons, porno magazines, steak, and even sells 20 dollars worth for 10 so she can buy pabst beer. She is always shopping and dolling herself up at the tax-payers expense she even claims more than most blacks do on the system . But that is not all – she bangs practically all guys in Fieldon without a job who will give her attention and a sticky load in her pussy or asshole. Jes has several issues – Full Blown AIDs is the main one and I have heard from a guy who claims he had to get a shot after he slept with her due to rabies. Jes loves snorting fat lines of pure coke off gay mens cocks and riding around in Pakis Taxi Cabs with guys who will pay for a good time. I also have heard there is a sex video of her online masturbating with a cucumber she did when she was drunk. What a gal. Jes is about one notch to the bottom next step to loserville unwanted scum of society, a Nigger boyfriend.

Betty’s Get N Go. Fun times. I am not allowed there anymore I got caught masterbating behind the dumpster too many times. I just thought all the people watching me do it were entertained as there is no cable there. Betty banned cable. And transexuals. Betty comes out and blast queers with her shot gun.

Champaign, Illinois. 2019-11-19 7:10pm

Fucking niggers lol
Alright looking food bank. This is in Champaign, Illinois. It doesn’t look like it is used by that many niggers as it would be trashed. Also the condos next across the street are alright. They must ship their groids to Rockford or Chicago.

Condos across from the food bank.

Might want to clean your fucking garage up. Or at least use some of you welfare hillbilly cheque to buy a pair of doors. It looks pathetic. That basketball hoop is probably a decoy to make people assume niggers live there. That way the mess is excusable by PC liberal society as it is Nigger culture to be a slob.

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