You must be doing something right when your country lets me come in go on a bike ride, get stoned as fuck, grab a bitch who is wearing wooden shoes, take her behind a windmill and give it to her doggy for a few hours. Bikes rule over cars. Dutch women are cock hungry jizz rags 24/7. The cities are organized, clean, and the standard of living is as high as the tourists in Amsterdam’s red-light district.   Other than the quickly spreading Muslim epidemic, it is a nice country. But you have to enjoy it while you can. The Black People Plague is rotting the country to the core.

Singer Corina from The Hague Netherlands With her Hit Single “Take A Look At My Poo Now”.

Corina left the hard gangster life and got of the streets of thug life Netherlands and made it big in Nashville. She never forgot her Dutch roots and what it means to be windmill style nigger hanging gangster. She made it in the Music game to make all little girls in the country proud. She was known as a kid there with pig tails and bicycles that were not stolen by niggers. She came out with the hit song a true story “Take A Look At My Poo Now”. “It is so big and Brown”, “It pollutes the world with its sour stench and makes me feel so good, my poo is the only one I need, Take A Look At My Poo Now!”. The music video plays non stop and rumor has it the Dutch government may actually make it the new national anthem of The Netherlands. Flocks of Dutch kids take shits on the street now because of Corina and all the kids point at there poo logs and say “Take a look at my poo now, Im Corina” She is a national hero.

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