When your in Jackson, Alabama she is Pam Hobag. When you leave she becomes Pam Covered just like everyone who has been through the place of Jackson has. I tag teamed her with her dad in the barn. Shit was cool. Gave my nut sack shivers when the cows mooed or the hay prickled my balls. She puts on a.fromt to everyone thinking she is so.perfect and sober, and blames all her downfalls on a guy the tried to help her and stood by her through jail drug court and rehab, and lying to her family about him the whole time while promising this guy the world and everything else. Once she got through with drugcourt jail an rehab 3 yrs worth with this guy standing by her when no one else would have anything to do with her, she leaves him the day of all that and only to find out she has been cheating . But yet still blames everyone else for her faults.. Needles to say she care only for herself and uses people at hthsre expense while lying to to family the whole time and the only one that stood her when she had nobody. have a boyfriend but still trys call and hook up with me when her bf is at work. Be aware of this lying whore and Hope sooner than later Her fake ass gets exposed for who she truly is…

This dirty whore is one of Falkville, Alabama’s finest her name is Tran Golaksungyangyongching or “Slant Eyed Slut” to her 2 friends. She moved to Falkville back when Al Bundy lived there. Her dad tried to open up a Chink Restaurant in one of the shacks and failed. Since then her father needed money for his rice he pimped out Tran to the local Yokels and niggers in Falkville.   this skanky zipperhead scum of a woman called up my husband behind my back for 3 months and after that got him to leave his family for her. Her name is Trang T Nguyen is from some rice picking shit hole . This happened back in the days when my period smelt like cat shit but the damaged that she’s done to my family is never forgotten . I know it’s not all her fault but also my husband who couldn’t get a hard on to my fugly ass. What I hate is bitches that calls up married men behind their wives back . After 3 months of being with her , he decided that what he did was wrong and begged my forgiveness . We are back together and I’m still working on forgiving him each day . These homewreckers have no idea what they put the families through . The husbands name is Donald and he is still banging that gook behind his wifes back. He goes to the AA meetings he tells his wife about. But AA stands for Asian Ass.

The Faggot Ville of Jackson Alabama

Super Hefty Large Garbage Bag Fuck Talia Low rate $2.95 per hour. Even Stevie Wonder can’t afford to pay for her pleasure by the pound. This is Talia she’s a lysol drinking native american or Choctaw herpes infested tampon Bitch as we refere to them in the Jackson Alabama area. Along with the other female squaws in her community, she is a whorebag with flies that swarm around her pussy and asshole. She’s fucked half the male members of the staff at Book Homa Casino where she is currently employed as a sperm taster. Trust me the only thing she’s advertising is her terrible disease riddled yeasty orange wart filled pussy. The guys are just passing her fat ass around and saying “I got next”!, literally. Single, married, in a relationship she doesn’t care she so desperate for a white boyfriend, she’ll let anyone fuck her folds, so slap the blubber and ride the waves. She’s so fucking lardy fat and disgusting with her stomach stretch folds hanging down to her knee caps flapping like Dolly Partons pussy lips. Being a Slut is the only way she can get close to men, if she’s wont fuck they wont even give her the time of day. Please /baby daddy Chucky Nichols and another who was married and passed it to his pregnant wife! She has to be stopped her anger towards the white man for stealing her shitty land is astronomical.

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