Great place for a porn store right next to the fire works. Blow shit up then jerk off.

This all star number here has flaming herpes on her box that make Rudolph’s nose jealous. Itchy too. this Oompa Loompa’s name is Chely. Her claim to fame is working as a hairstylist in the slums of barn land, Missouri. She got knocked up by her grandfather in High School, but rather than taking care of her child, she spends the majority of her time stirring up drama with people she doesn’t even know and or masterbating to Charles in Charge re runs. She even overdosed on pills and elephant tranquilizers while being the only adult home with her child. She’s not that pathetic. To top it all off, she cheated on her fiance with some black guy(HIV) while he was away at boot camp. Some classy chick!!! I don’t know what’s worse, her hair, that face, or her insecurity!!! A single HIV Positive mother for life stuck with only the hopes of ever dating a filthy nigger. Ouch lives got to suck in Sedalia.

Zooey went into the Post Office in Drexel, Missouri on December 12th, 2019 at 3 pm and laid a big stinky shit log in the toilet. She left with out flushing or using the air spray. She left the door of the bathroom open for the whole world to see her shit log that she left displayed in the bowl. I don’t even think the bitch wiped her asshole. It was Chili day today at Wendy’s. Stinky. Zoey needs to learn to close her legs !!! This baby mama has drama pouring out the seams of her loose snatch along with the whole neighborhoods jizz. She has 7 babies which you would think she would figure it out by now ,but she doesnt’ know what to do !  Not only did she loose her husband to starring in Pornhubs Flaming Fairy Faggot Fudgepackers 12 movie but lost her dignity when she became bitter over her ex husband moving on with a black hooker named Beyonce,  that she to tried to make this niggers life hell. It just made her look petty and jealous! this girl cheated with too many fingers to count and  she’ll steel your mans food too!( even if yall married with a newborn baby) Zoey is psychotic on whole different levels. She will threaten to fight you over your cock sucking skills as well. But be careful  when she bored sitting on her lard gravy molases butt, she will talk like some fuking fat ass and boss up over the internet cause she a legend with genital herpes. Everytime you take a shit in the state of Missouri call it a Zooey and DO NOT FLUSH or Wash your hands just like Zooey does.

Meet Danielle ….. she’s a walking drive thru McDonald’s when it comes to her 2 for 1 pussy. Everyone in town has had a piece of her and she’s only 21 years old. She drives drunker than Barney from the Simpson’s and pops funny colored pills and then drives her son home in the shitty car like an unfit mother would. She’s psycho obsessed with her baby daddy who is old enough to be her ,(such old saggy balls). He moved on sweetie and has a newer, younger, and cleaner girlfriend stop being psycho obsessive and busting his car windows out all because he doesn’t want you because you’ve fucked 6 dudes a week. You’re dirty sloppy and don’t know how to keep your legs closed for anything. So if you all want a taste of Danielle make sure you hit her up she’s fresh off the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

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