New York

This girl Jaclyn K (Star of the hit porno movie Suck The Shit From My Ass With a Plastic Straw) from Greece, New York sleeps with anyone with a pulse even my pet dog when it was taking its last dying breaths!!!! After she hit it with a stolen car when she was coming off a month long meth binge. She fucked my dying dog right on the road in front of all the school kids with no remorse, no standards. The only thing she has going for her is money that she steals from the UNICEF boxes at kids schools. Her kids hate her and steal her meth and fuck her boyfriends (even her son). This women should have never reproduced!! My Uncle Bart works for Greece Community Pest Control and he is constantly called out for emergency calls to Jaclyn’s house to spray her vagina with dead bug spray. I think he fucks her anally after if she makes him milk and cookies on welfare day. My Uncle has sprayed so much jizz on her carpet from missing her face when he blasts loads. He says the carpet is crusty like walking on potato chip crumbs.

Jew York isn’t just a city its a state too just like Washington is. Lots of wiener tugging goes on in up state New York. Lots and lots of wiener tugging.

I knew this black guy in Syracuse that use to work for coca cola. He use to get massive shit diareah and ram the tips of bottles up his black ass and rub them and smear his shit on the tops. He got fired for something else. He works for Pepsi now.
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