Daphne Hureta is here illegally from Peru. She slept with my husband knowing we were married and still living together then tried over and over to convince him to leave me. Shes harassed us both, called and showed up at our home. She involved my landlord over the weekend but screwed up in telling her she was after my husband for papers and was trying to get pregnant to have an anchor baby. I’m reporting her to ICE. Build a bigger thicker wall that is electric with a moat around it that has sharks. Sharks can protect against hispanic invaders but not niggers. The sharks mistake the niggers for whale shit, but on the bright side niggers like their brother monkeys can’t swim. This bitch is wanted and needs to be deported it is rumored she can transform shapes and make her self look uglier and stinkier. It is believed she has done just that and is roaming around in plain sight under the name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Don’t worry you can smell her and her nigger accomplice Omar from miles away.

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