There are a ton of nigger countries with French as their language. Well niggers never invented a written language let alone the wheel or fire. This is how you know the French are low. How many countries they may of niggerized.

Now that these niggers stole all these motorcycles they have to figure out how they run. The nigger does not understand that a vehicle needs food called fuel much like your body. I seen one nigger trying to stuff cow shit in the gas tank when I was there.

Ah can you feel the rich culture and history. It is as rich as the drain in my toilet that flushes me poo after chilli night at St.Adolph’s Inn and Tavern.
I do not know if this is suppose to be a house?, a place of business? or a community nigger gathering? I have a feeling that those 2 little niglets will rape that goat there and then eat it.

This gentleman is thinking of how big of a shit hole Senegal is. He realizes he could do something to make it better. But decided it is just easier to sit in his UN clothes donations and blame all is fucking problems on whitey. Good job Sambo. After all he was Kingz and shit until the evil whiteman took that away from his smart people.

We all know odd are that nigger in the red stole the truck. But who loaded the fucking thing and why aren’t those 2 sand apes lying down looting the fucking thing like New Orleans. After all there could be crack in the truck.

This is a Kindergarten class in Senegal. Senegal emphasizes a lot of time and effort in education. As you can tell by the buildings and the cleanliness of the place it has really paid off.

Place must have great credit looking at how well the door they can afford is.

“You keep shitting out all these retarded apes Mookeesha. Have you been cheating on me with Curious George again?”

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