Faggot state with a faggot football team. The cows in this state aren’t only used for dairy. A lot of niggers from Chicago come up to fuck the cows.

There was this waitress that use to work at the Lakeside Bar and Grill there a few years back. I went in there drinking whiskey. This waitress was huge! A certified quarter tonner. I took her to the resort and when she laid on the bed the thing fucking broke. Then she took her pants off and flies flew from her crotch. It was ultimate maggot pussy at its finest. Good times in Wisconsin. Cheese Pussy. Moldy fucking fat cheesy pussy. Like Cheese oozing out of the vagina like it does out of the machine at 7-11 you use for the nachos. When its that time of the month there is chilli too.

 meet Shannon. I think that you’ll agree that this is your brunette for 2014. Shannon is a real woman, one who knows how to put down several meals in one sitting and still has room left for dessert. She’s got the body of a goddess, complete with 6, repeat SIX huge, jiggling breasts. Who needs +2s when you’re this uniquely endowed? Be jealous ladies. Thigh gap? Hell NO, Shannon is bringing in the era of Himalaya thighs, thighs so lumped out with fat they resemble a mountain range. She is resplendent with cheap jailhouse tattoos, has a smile above any dentist’s worst nightmares, and she knows damn well that she is one sexy BEAST.

 now that you know that your perfect woman does indeed exist, there will be no need for anymore brunette submissions as Shannon holds the crown, hands down. In all seriousness though , I came across this stunner on a mutual friends’ Facebook status and my jaw just dropped. There is no excuse for a person to look like this. With all the medical marvels today, this is unacceptable. Someone PLEASE pay for this “Where The Wild Things Are” star to get some lipo or something. I\’m living in fear now, afraid that I\’m going to run her in person some day. She might try to eat me. Although I suppose the chances are low as by her own admission, “fat girls taste better” and I do’t quite fit her uniquely developed tastes.

This here be Heart Warming Heafty Heather from Apleton, Wisoconsin  This horrific sight is known to be called Thea, aka the sasquatch of the northwoods. This “thing” is known to poke holes in the condoms of the drunk out of their mind men that take one for the team. Been done many of times, succeeded once! The earth crumbles a bit every step she takes, so you should feel her coming before you see her….run!!! If you have ever seen that show from the late 80’s perfect strangers. That faggot Larry on the show. This chick is his daughter in real life. I kid you not. This one drinks gravy out of the toilet bowl.

This nigger rebelled against his white slave owner. Jamal Jones or Nigger as he is known locally sniffs glue and thinks he is in the hit show sons of anarchy . I thought that anyone living in or near Green Bay/Fond du Lac, Wisconsin area would like to know about this stinky nigger Don Brown/Jamal Jones, Mr. KFC Centerfold December 1987, who rides a stolen Power Wheels, however pretends to be a Walmart Employee and ex cashier as a way to con women. (see the “We sell for less” patch on his vest) I had him investigated, received copies of his shelf stocking paperwork and was never a pickle aisle guy or even close to being a guy who rounds up the shopping carts in the parking lot. Total poser who owes several money mart locations tons of cash. Hope that no one else buys his line of I get 15% pff at walmart!

I know so many guys that work for Lays in Wisconsin and they steal so much from the company its awesome.

This fucking Psycho bitch ran out of the Blatz Hotel in Nelson Wisconsin and held a fucking plastic fork to my neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I could realize what was going on she moved her legs to expose her crotch and the foul odor made me faint. She only got 10 bucks but fuck still. Then I heard all about her all over town she is a top grade A Wisconsin Bred Crack Head. this sad, pathetic thing’s name is Breanna (aka “Breezy”). First of all, who posts pictures of her boyfriend and her in the bathtub? & posts it on Facebook? No matter how long this bitch soaks in the tub, she’s still going to reek like fish. She’s the biggest whore in town, please put this hoe on blast.

Plus she drips liquid poo out of her leg due to her loose asshole from fucking her brother too much.

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