This is Julie she’s a self righteous Mormon Devil Worshiper with AIDS. She never ever brushes her teeth and wonders why her husband isn’t attracted to her and likes little boys instead. She befriends everyone and then gossips behind their back about everything like whose husbands balls are the hairiest. If you have kids beware you even look at her husband wrong she will call child protective services on you and try and get your children taken from you. Julie is a heroin addict that prides herself on being clean. Yet every week like clockwork she’s in the ER to score pain pills and doctor dick. She’s a MAJOR tampon and period juice drinker. She loves any attention she could get. Her daughter also isn’t her husband’s (No shit its mine bitch can go to Maury)like she tells him she cheats on him all the time and she doesn’t even know who her daughter’s dad is(Matt Orton). Julie goes out and gets drunk at parties and then drives home doesn’t matter if her daughter is in the car or not. If your looking for an easy lay she’s perfect but she doesn’t shave her fish trap. There are literally cheese chunks in her muff pubes She will fuck anyone that tells her shes beautiful. She’s nasty and always gets tested because of how much she fucks around. The Mormon Church and all Jesus’ friends have all hit it she’s a big homie hopper. She will tell everyone her husband abuses her but its not true. Also she loves being on bottom and getting slapped in the face with loose saggy wrinkly old man testicles, she lives in Ferron Utah because everyone in Arizona realized how much of a whore she is. Im sorry girls that live in Ferron she has already fucked your husband. Shes “best ftiends” with my wife and comes on to me every time were alone. And her hubsand isnt there. she is the definition of a slut. So then I have sex with her husband instead a dick sword party.

Cassidy Cuminme lies, uses, and sleeps with every one she can. She doesn’t use safe sex protection which means she likes to store jizz loads in her for months at a time. She uses men to pay tampon and abortion bills and thinks her good looks will get her anything she wants. She tries to see more then one man at a time, and her and her sisters are really awesomely trashy. They love stroking forests of wieners for fun on porntube. They try to sleep with Utah Grizzly hockey players(who are shitty players whose parents pay for them to play in a joke level of hockey because they can’t make a real team) and who ever they can. Watch out they start all kinds of non stop drama. She is crazy and will try to work her way into your wallet.

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