Simpsons Ireland Guinness Beer

Ireland is a beautiful place inhabited by ginger ugly pasty looking fucks, super-dooper-drunk locals, and a distinct flair for a good time of fucking sheep on a pasture. Stereotyped to death, it still manages to evoke a charm and mystique that few other European nations can ever hope for like the fire crotch.  Irish and Scottish Women are the only one whose vagina hair matches the colors of their herpes sores. So be careful when you fuck Maggie Mae in her O’Keester with no O’Rubber.

After you fuck an Irish woman you piss as green as that meadow. It burns.

You know your in a white country because the animals that are alive are not getting raped.

This woman Nikita Irish bitch from Dublin slept with my husband for 6 months 2 of those while we weren’t on speaking terms after he could me blowing his dad. She slept with him in my home and my husband jizzed all over the carpet and she licked it up and spit it out in my macaroni salad that I fed to my great Aunt Betty. Where I live with my two young daughters there are fucking needles and used condoms from my clients on the floor, on the counters, everywhere! She’s huge racist which is the only good thing going for her. Plenty I could say but I won’t… my drug dealer just showed up and he never showered so I have to plug my nose and hold my breath and suck on his stinky sweaty balls for my fix. Oh well. 

Green and beer.

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