California is a fucking joke it is home to a shit load of niggers, faggots, Mexicans, and Jews and their shallow self hating white brainwashed liberal hippie puppets. Everything that is pure and evil in this world has some sort of a root or hand in California.

There are more people in California than all of Canada. And if that wall isn’t completed soon you can insert Mexico in there too. The state fucking sucks so bad that someone tried to light it on fire this summer numerous times. Even while this was going on and the government issued a water ban. Rich celebrities still somehow managed to water their lawns. The fires were not near any Jewish households so it wasn’t on the American Governments radar of priorities.

Don’t worry he’ll be back jingling niggers all the way in the electric chair.


The June Lake Nigger named Kow hides in the snow and steals watermelons and rapes dogs and cats in the Village of June Lake. His adopted white parents are furious with him and want him apprehended immediately. They apologize greatly for bringing a nigger into the community. This is what his adopted zoo keeper had to say about him He is the nastiest man you will ever meet. He raped so many women and field mice and gave them AIDS! Watch out he is a piece of sh1t. Don’t ever hang out with him because he will give you an HIV and you won’t like it because like all niggers he has a foul odor to him. He doesn’t even take care of his son which could be a monkey. He doesn’t have custody because he does drugs like crack and jenkem everyday! Watch out for this guy he will try to manipulate you to being around and then boom you don’t know he has another whale on the side from Sea World in San Diego. By the way he likes super big women. So it make sense why he gets so many.

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