Rachel of Fairbanks this flea bag will has been sleeping with married men out at her job at Walmart. She’s a trashy slut that doesn’t care if she’s ruining kids lives or anybody else’s She takes the two shift managers to the shoe section and sucks them off like crazy, yanking their wieners quickly in front of customers. If she ever speaks to your man, your man will fuck her too in front of you and laugh. You can bet she’s gonna try to get the other guys to join in too while you watch and frig yourself to her bouncing tits. She was fucking 4 men at one time in the hot tub and farted and liquid shit ruined the hot tub and the orgy! This acne riddled hoe cheated on her own husband and messed up her life, now she’s out to ruin everyone else’s, watch out for her. Next time you are in Walmart check her out she will be sucking people off in the shoe department, stuffing her lard ass figure with gut rot at the instore McDonald’s or on her break getting STD meds at the pharmacy.

 You have to phone this hardcore slut up when you are near Fairbanks. This girl is the sperm bank of Alaska. Anyone can dump into this grand canyon sized vagina cum dumpster free of charge as many times as you like wherever whenever. Kayla She is the worst mother never ever ever with her loser transgender child and dumps them on her faggot Jewish parents so she can go play 21 year old slut at the bars. She was an ARMY wife until she “couldn’t take it anymore”. She told me and a few others that she cheated on her faggot small dicked husband with Sara Palin while he was deployed at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch but was instructed not to tell anyone even Jesus. She constantly drove her other boyfriend Tiny Dick Mohinderdeep (East Indian Crack Dealer’s) car back and forth from anchorage to Fairbanks to fuck around with gay soldiers on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and she met guys on craigslist and met them up there for group sex and adult movies. She went up there so no one would see her flirt it up down here. Just a basic fucking whore. When Kayla gets nervous she overdoses on HIV medication. Kayla often times doesn’t fell so fresh downstairs(wonder if its all the crusty jizz down there) so she is constantly itching her vagina in public. Its fucking embarassing being seen with this pig anywhere.

Elita C whacked up after gas huffing this Eskimo bitch use to grab Arctic Sea Lions with her mother and rape them in their igloo. I’m here to let you know about a girl from the Eskimo Ice Fields of Alaska named Elita Cleveland don’t let her blubber whale looks fool you she’s a nasty stubborn neglectful hemroid scratching woman. She gets drunk from diesel and sleeps with random Russian and Chinese guys and she loves doing it in front of other Eskimos. Hell she slept with so many different types of guys she caught and gave my friend the HIV and Powwow Fever. Now my friend is messed up for life so he went and pissed and shit on the natives land to score one more for the white man. He lost every can of household cleaner he had cause of this female and he trusted her. So guys if you want a nasty native American female with an explosive diareah problem THAT YOU CAN’T GET RID OF, hit up Elita C I’m pretty sure you have a chance and if you do meet her don’t mess with her I warn you I’m just spreading the word cause I don’t want no other man to get what she has thank you

Celebrate Native Culture and Tradition.

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