United States of America

Benjamin Franklin warned the US of the Jew.

Barack Obama, Magic Johnson, Steve Harvey, and Hootie(from the Blowfish) started the gay niggers of america in a sleazy hooker bar in Los Angeles in 2000ish. Like Martin Luther King these niggers had a dream, a criminal record, and foul body odor. Hillary Clinton helped fund most of their first meetings as she was usually passed around as an old jizz rag to mop up jizz and spilt malt liquor. She wore a watermelon dress at the meeting. Niggers dug that white bitch. She be a used gutter bitch now licking Jew Bernie Sanders wet lumpy cum fart stains out of his depends.

Most niggers in America can not read period let alone understand English. And normal people can’t understand what they are trying to say most of the time. This is why America invented Shut your Nigger mouth Money. Which was later named welfare. I personally think they should of led them all into the ocean with watermelon and chicken. Much like the pied piper. But some Jew bitched and said niggers have rights for some reason.

USA home to world war lord leader quadrillionaire King Donald Trump.

On Geo Guessr the first sight I see

AmeriKKKa FuKKK YEAH!!!!
A little ways down the road I found a little town called Arthur I thought it was small Arthur North Dakota but it was Nebraska. 


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