For some reason Hungary gets tourism. Which is a fucking mystery because there is nothing there but Gypsies and underground fag porn. Sounds like a heaven for Bill Clinton. The majority of residents in Hungary are inbred as the national pastime in this nation is fucking your sister. Hungary’s women for the most part are hot and hate Hungarian men. Due to the fact that most Hungarian men would rather tag team a goat with their brother than fuck them.


These 2 pictures on Geo Gussr are from Hungry lots of boring where I went 


2019-10-13 6:53pm

Hungary gave their garbage to Canada. Thank you Hungary for this fine export.  Take this Hungary welfare bum in bitch is 22 years old never had a job in her life lives off all our tax dollars and her fat ass plus her fat fucking dyke friend here go to Hess HUSH all the time and fuck almost every guy in the bar to walk out with bills upon bills talk about disgrace and you are Hungarian ? Not to mention you speak as if your a black person have some FCKUNG class you disappointment to gods creation you should get off your whore slut diseased infested warty AIDS self ass and find a job, let the public health board know you have HIV positive because you can get charged for not letting them know HOE! Any girl who even talks to a nigger gets HIV you stupid Hungarian whore everyone knows that. Not even your girls like you when all they say is how much of a whore you are Vivian! dirty DIRTY DIRTY FILTHY GIRL CLEAN OUT YOUR BUG INFESTED VAGINA DIRTY PIG .You left a pair of your jizz stained poop blotched panties frozen on the street SKANK.!

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