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Black tourists and settlers are encouraged to visit and move to the northern pan handle. Apparently lots of places in northern Idaho are very Afro-Friendly. The white residents there love to embrace African traditions in their communities. Like cross burning.

Don’t fuck with this guy he has connections. Plus he isn’t wearing a helmet.


If that wall was built and strong this could of been prevented you know.

The Tucson Trucker Dyke to all the guys in Tucson, AZ, please watch out for Jacynda Monique Apalategui,. She has downs syndrom and has had anal wart[removed]s twice and has slept with almost every blind guy in Tucson and infected 45 guys I know of. When she was at Sunnyside High School, she slept with all her fucking teachers. She is also bisexual and fucks her own sister Melynda while their dad butt humps their grandfather while they watch Scooby Doo together. And man she is ditch pig trucker puke fucking ugly with big troll nose. She likes to take old men’s money and lives off their old age pension. She wants to find a homeless man (can picker) to live in Paradise Valley, AZ. She is a racist and hates blacks with a passion. She likes to call black people the Nigger Shitskinned Spook vermin and was once fired from a pornographic Video for using racial slurs because even as ugly as she is wont fuck an animal nigger. She has a criminal record for crack and is a known thief. Plus she loves showing off her library card, LMAO!! She will steal from you. She will burglarized your house and take shit from there and blame niggers. My man Jose Pedro Gonzales the Third was attacked by her because he is a spic Nigger. Typical Tucson trash who’s mother is an Ethiopian and whore herself. So please, it would be in the best interests to stay away from her genital burning warts.

 Mr Dennis Karle who goes to Phoenix Walmarts with his neighbor’s dog and fucks it in the music section is a danger to the general population of Aguila and all of AZ. This big stupid Baboon Closet Faggot Negroid Neglects his kid but worships his neighbor’s dog and once was arrested for attacking the paying john fucking his overweight mother and a couple of his own brothers with an axe he stole from Homo Depot back in 2009. Does crack and listens to the spice girls while jerking off and sits on his fat ass playing pokemon video games, eating filibertos and watches WWE, jerry springer and maury povich. Beats his girlfriends fathers dicks to climax and is a deadbeat to his kids. Got kicked out by his girlfriend in Mesa low income crack nigger housing now he is back in Aguila so watch out!

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Fail My Ass Im A Fuk’n Kill YOU!

Peter Odighizuwa he is British no just kidding he is a fucking Nigerian. In 2002 he was a law student in Virginia. I am assuming that CNN blamed this tragic incident on White Supremacy. He decided to go into school and start busting mother fucking caps. But then again school shootings are only done by white males right??????

Nigger Rapes and Murders Elderly Woman Then Tortures Her With a Fire Extinguisher

This here is Micah Louis Nelson he is a Florida Negro Breed. In 1997 Micah broke into a 78 year old woman’s home. He raped her and then threw her in the trunk of his car. He drove around with her in there for a few hours. He then took the woman up to a grove and when he couldn’t kill her by strangling her he emptied a fire extinguisher in her mouth. He also rammed a tire iron through her head. Filth like this is still alive. I know this happened years ago but it happens daily. And we never her squat about it.

I’m A Heavy Death Metal Dick Head Going to Go Kill An Algerian Faggot

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Satan Loves You!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Nodveidt hard as fuck Loves Satan is part of the death metal band THUNDER. They are some fucking Swedish fags who worship satan and basically are just as bad a plague on society as niggers.

He was around a bunch of other heavy metal dicks when they killed an Algerian Butt Fairy named Josef Ben Meddour.

Nodveidt was reunited with his idol and father Satan when he killed himself in 2006.

Lets sacrafice arab homos bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m Drunk and High On Coke Going to my Ex White Girlfriends Trailer With a Butcher Knife

Leopoldo Narvaiz is a famous explorer…. No just shitting you he is some spic that got all drunk and high and coke. Then he went to his Ex girlfriends. Trailer and stabbed to death her and her siblings.

It doesn’t really say exactly but I am guessing that Shannon dumped the spic or else was banging another individual. Shannon was dating someone else later on named Ricky Moore Good old Leopoldo had a chat with him with a pipe.

North Carolina

Easiest Lay in Raleigh No Joke She is married too But doesn’t give a shit.

Monica moved back to Raleigh with her husband and her two year old kid a couple months ago. I knew she cheated on her first husband back in 2007, and he left her slutty ass when he found her in bed with 3 dudes from her church who had her tied to the bed posts. Now she is back, and I came home early from work a few days ago to find her and my husband in our bed fucking like wild animals. Worst part about it is that I stood there for a minute and she never stopped sucking his cock. They never saw me, and I left the house, but I’m sure they have done it before, and will do it again. I even found some dirty pictures of her on my husbands phone when I looked at it when he went for a run the other day. I knew she had hooked up with guys at the Applebees in Knightdale before she remarried, but I never thought she’d hook up with my husband. Girls in Goldsboro or Raleigh, watch your man around her.

Guy didn’t hit her hard enough.

This guy is going to get it. The courts always come down hardest on straight white males. So they can not be called racist by the Jewish media when they convict.

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