This big teddy bear here be Buck. Buck Johnstone he likes to go big game hunting in Botswana with his Step Dad Russ. Buck here is as American as baseball. Buck loves Trump, Hunting, Nas Car, Chewing Tobacco, Calling black people niggers, and fucking his cousin Amanda in the barn out back of the mobile home on Tuesdays. Since Bucks state of Texas mad it illegal to hunt niggers back in 08 when that monkey got elected hes been bored. He can’t shoot niggers in Botswana but he found animals that are smarter even than him there. But not than niggers.


This shithole is a land locked shithole in Africa. So yeah lots of niggers roaming around. Wild ones with a bunch or UN whitey donations to boot.

Some nigger probably killed it. CNN will blame Whitey.

GeoGuessr This went on for about 20 minutes of shit then I said fuck it and guessed Australia. A little off.



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