Got pregnant by Old Man Balls

Daniela slept with her boss for one whole year and went on trips with him to Panama, Lima and Tarija to name a few. She was fully aware that he was married and knew his wife and kids. She had sex on a regular basis in her boss’ apartment in La Paz as well as his home in Cochabamba. She is a cheap sl#t. When the poor wife found out about this affair….this woman went with her boss on a romantic getaway to Lima, Peru, just days later. To make matters worse, her family approves of her imorality and gold digging. Her maternal aunt did the same thing years ago. She got pregnant with her boss’ baby and they aborted this poor child. She is 25 years younger than her lover… rediculous! Eventually the wife managed to get this sl#t fired, but not before she almost destroyed the marriage. She now works at “Migracion Bolivia”. She is still a threat to this poor family… as she is still after the husband…


La Paz, Bolivia:Above

Peru-Bolivia Border Crossing

2019-10-23 6:12am

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