I almost forgot Albania existed until about 5 minutes ago when an Albanian meth head jacked me for crack on the subway in New York City. No offense, it’s just a really small country surrounded by more interesting countries. And no one has ever said, “Gee, I really wish we’d visited Albania this time.” I though of Albania too last year when I got a blow job from an Albanian hooker. Or maybe she was from Andorra? I can’t remember rotten teeth so I am guessing Albania. 

The country touts a fairly dramatic Adriatic coastline, gorgeous mountains that look like your Grandma’s floppy tits and a bunch of cool old castles what match your grandpas testicles. But the most interesting thing about Albania is that, totally randomly, it has some of the best escort service in Europe. Who knew?

Those bags are full of shit covered bloody condoms from Albanians fucking cattle
This guy is waiting for the cars to pass so he can pull his pants down and fuck this bull.

So basically what below is telling us is that Albanians are like Persians if they came from Wal mart.

So again Albanians are little dicked greasy perverts that wear too much welfare cologne. They sell shitty drugs to middle school aged little white girls. Much like Jews Albanians can blend into certain surroundings often fooling locals. 
  Most Albanians worship their Idol Vanilla Ice and dress like their god of worship. Some worship an eagle often making sexual jesters towards it. It is considered offensive to the countries bird population.
  In some cases their is a nigger in the mix of Albanians. Since Albanians are too stupid and lazy to ever wear cotton let alone invent it. It is assumed the nigger is in Albania as it got lost from its Nigerian Flock on its way to Germany for free welfare.
   Most Albanians although considered white share a similar trait to non white people like Pakis, Chinks, and Niggers as they don’t want to live in their own country and go wreck white people nations like the UK, Canada, and Donald Trump’s Country. It is like Albanians always wanted to be something they are not. Like looking across the sea at Italy and seeing a real country and then being Albanian and looking in the mirror and realizing you are a useless failure.
Albania Fast Facts
October 26th- Butt Fuck Your Brother Day  So what you took over the drug trade in a country full of pussies the UK. You best be getting that drug money out from Grandmas basement.
The Albanians rented themselves a nigger for their gangster photo. Now thats fucking bad ass.

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