Tyrone Hamel

Victim Gretchen Burford

  Gretchen Burford was a 49 year old mother of three grown children. She specialized in criminal defence and juvenile law. So basically the majority of people she is helping out are pieces of shit. Not all but most. She actually wanted to help out underprivileged minorities. That is her biggest mistake right there.
 On Friday night February 26th, 1988 she left her office to go home. This is in Palo Alto, California.  She decided to stop by the bank ATM on the way home and deposit a cheque for $449 dollars. Then a wild nigger (probably high on crack) jumped in her car from an unlocked back door. The groid had a knife.
  They drove to another bank machine and Gretchen tried to withdraw money. This didn’t work it is unknown if Gretchen did this on purpose or not. He then stabbed Gretchen and ran away.
  2 men came up and seen the monkey flee. They got a good look at the coonvict. Gretchen went to the hospital where she passed away.
  Authorities found a stupid looking hat in Gretchens car which was the groids and they found the murder weapon a block away. It was a butcher knife with an eight inch blade. This murder went unsolved for almost 2 decades.
  Then in 2005 the DNA on the hat matched Tyrone Hamel. His black ass was serving a life sentence at Nigger College in Texas. Tyrone robbed and raped several women in Texas and was hucked in the slammer shortly after Gretchen’s murder.
  Since Gretchen did not believe in the death penalty. Tyrone is just still serving out his life sentence.


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One thought on “Tyrone Hamel

  1. You have disrespected the memory of my mother you worthless waste of skin. There is a special place in hell for racist defects like you. There is no defense for what Tyrone Hamil did to my mother that night in Palo Alto. I was against the death penalty for him because Prison is hell and there is solace knowing he will waste away there this side of the grass before he transfers to eternal damnation where you will get to meet him if you do not repent from your racist based hatred. I do not care what color of skin Tyrone was born with, he had no control over that. If Tyrone was Named Mike and was white, that would not change anything. You are a shallow ignorant moron for your skin color based hatred. Fuck you
    Peter Burford


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