Funny Pictures 5

Mexicans are drug dealers I do not see the problem with that. Sure not all are I mean some mow lawns and pick lettuce. But for the most part they sell drugs.
All valid questions that most people ask.
It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with the picture above. I had to think hard and I figured it out. Blacks don’t graduate. I knew something was wrong with that photo. The only other mistake although minor is on bike it does need to say thief above it.
Funny because it is true. If the police ignored negro areas it would be total chaos. I partially think they need to patrol them a bit. Because after they destroyed their areas beyond repair (which most have) They will flock more to white areas. Negors are just like a flesh eating virus on land. They spread, multiply, and destroy. One negro sow can lay up to 20 niglet eggs in its life time.
I don’t find below awful it was already on the picture. It isn’t really that funny as it is fucking true.
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